Reeves, Anne nee MNU (c 1740 NC - c 1798 NC)


Reeves, Anne MNU


Father: Unknown - probably Peter May
Mother: Unknown

Birth: abt 1740

Death: bef 1800, Wake County, North Carolina
Death Source: 1800 US Census of Wake County NC

Spouse1: William Reeves, Jr., c1760, North Carolina


The only record found thus far for the wife of William Reeves, Jr. is from the Wake County Court Minutes of December Court 1791:

Ordered that John Alston, to whom David and Hester Weaver, Children of Penny Weaver was bound apprentice, be summoned to make his Personal appearance at our next County Court & that he bring said Children with him, into Court, then and there to shew cause if any he hath, wherefore the said Children should not be removed from their apprenticeship, ordered that a summons issue for William Reeves and Any his Wife as Witnesses for the Orphans. From: Wake County Court Minutes 1787 to 1792 by Weynette Parks Hawn, 554-175

Her actual name was probably Susannah since 5 of their 8 children are known to have named a daughter Susannah or Susan with son Peter naming a daughter Anna.

There is also significance in the repeated use of the surname "May" especially in conjunction with the name Peter in this Reeves' family which with additional research could eventually provide more information on Anne Reeves' origins. Of five Peter Reeves in the next two generations of this family, 4 of the 5 have either the middle name of May or the middle initial "M". The name May is also used as a middle name in several other instances. A May family was present in the Johnston/Orange/Wake area from about 1750 where they were located on property adjacent to that of William Reeves, Jr. in the early 1760's at the time of his marriage. There are also various instances of that May family being associated with this family.

The wife of William Reeves was misidentified in the Reeves Review as Fortune Rhodes. See - http://usreeves.blogspot.com/2012/02/reeves-fiction-fortune-rhodes.html(external link)

Children of William Reeves Jr. and Anne:
  1. Sarah Reeves, b. abt 1762 Johnston or Orange County NC; d. bef April 1822 in Wake County NC
  2. Mary Reeves, b. abt 1763, Johnston or Orange County NC; d. aft 1835 in Wake County NC
  3. Peter Reeves, b. 1768, Johnston or Orange County NC; d. 28 Mar 1858, Halifax VA
  4. William Reeves, Jr., b. abt 1770 Johnston or Orange County NC; d. aft 1840 in Madison County KY
  5. Charles Reeves, b. abt 1774, Wake County NC; d. 31 Jul 1833, Stokes County NC
  6. John Reeves, b. abt 1777, Wake County NC; d. 1824, Wake County NC
  7. George Reeves, b. abt 1780, Wake County NC; d. bef July 1827, Warren County KY
  8. Jeremiah Reeves, b. abt 1782, Wake County NC; d. aft 1860, Estill County KY

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