Reeves, George W. (1793 SC - aft 1850 KY)


Reeves, George W.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: 1793, Chester County, South Carolina (location is undocumented)
Birth Source: 1850 Census

Death: 8 Apr 1857, Ballard County, Kentucky
Death Source: Wife widowed in 1860 Census

Spouse1: Nancy Elizabeth McClure, m. c1817
Spouse2: Mrs. Mary Boone Hogencamp, b. 1800 Vermont, m. 19 Nov 1840


Some of the children of George Reeves and Nancy Elizabeth McClure:
  1. John H. Reeves, b. 10 Oct 1817, m1 Eleanor G. Hardin on 31 Jan 1839 in Hickman County, Kentucky, m2 Mary E. Hogencamp c1845
  2. William R. Reeves, b. 22 Dec 1818, m1 Mariah Hogencamp on 23 Dec 1840 in Hickman County, Kentucky, m2 Susan T. Rudd c1850
  3. Virginia "Jennie or Jane" Reeves, b. 12 Sep 1829, d. 11 Feb 1912, m. Everett Hogencamp (DOB from KY Death Record)
  4. Jonathan Reeves, b. 29 Jan 1830, d. 12 Jan 1921, m. Lecia MNU
  5. Newton Jasper Reeves, b. 27 Apr 1833, m. Mary F. MNU c1854
George Reeves was recorded in the 1830 census in Wayne County, Tennessee with a household that consisted of a wife, four sons and three daughters.

In an 1833 deed, he conveyed land on Hardin's Creek in Wayne County to James F. Carr. That deed refers to him as "George Reeves of Hickman County, Kentucky." The 1840 census records him there with five sons and five daughters but no wife.

Mrs. Mary Boone Hogencamp...was of English descent, and was a grandniece of Daniel Boone, the original pioneer and explorer of Kentucky, who opened up this great state to the advance of civilization. After her marriage to Martinus Hogancamp, they removed from New York to Ohio, and still later came to Kentucky, settling in Campbell county...Mr. Hogencamp was a hatter by trade, but also engaged in farming, and for many years thus provided for his family. In 1833 the family decided to remove to western Kentucky, and started down the Ohio river on a flatboat, intending to settle at Paducah. Just below Cincinnati, the father being in ill health, left his family and returned to the latter city for medical treatment, and died there. The family, accompanied by the mother's brother, came on down the Ohio to their destination. They found that Paducah was but a mere hamlet, containing only three houses. They made their way to Putney's Bend, where they arrived on the 9th of March, 1833, and they settled in what is now the western portion of Carlisle county, once a part of Hickman county and later a part of Ballard county. About eight or ten years later Mary Boone Hogencamp married George W. Reeves, who lived in the locality in which she made her settlement. She remained a resident of this county until 1863, when she passed away, being about seventy-two years of age at the time of her death.
From Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Volume I and Volume II, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904, pp. 132-137. Biography of Abram Hogencamp, Carlisle County


1830 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee
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1850 Census - Ballard County, Kentucky
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