1792 Sale from Uriah Bass to William Reaves, Jr.

Sale by Uriah Bass to William Reaves, Jr.

Wayne County, North Carolina
Record of Deeds
Book 5
1790 - 1793

No. 340

Know All Men by these presents that I Uriah Bass for and in Consideration of the sum of One Hundred & fifty Pounds to me in and paid by William Reaves both of the County of Wayne and State of North Carolina at and before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the receipt whereof I do herby acknowledge have Bargained Sold Released Granted & confirmed & by these presents do Bargain Sell release grant & confirm unto the said William Reaves his heirs and assigns forever One Negro Woman called Selane(?) & her child hold by these presents Bargained Sold Released Granted & confirmed unto the only _ and behoof of the aforesaid William Reaves his Executors and administrators and assigns forever and the said Uriah Bass for myself my Heirs Executors and administrators all and singular the said Negro Woman & her child unto the said William Reaves his heirs Executors administrators or assigns against all and any other Person & Persons whatsoever _ and will warrant and forever defend by these presents IN Witness Whereof I have herein set my hand this 26th day of November 1792

                                                                            Uriah Bass

Edward Bass

April Court 1793

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