William Reaves Family Bible

William Reaves Family Bible

William Reaves Family Bible


William Reaves was B April the 13th 1805
Sarah Reaves was bornd April the 17th 1814
Benjamin Lee Reaves was bornd September the 27 th 1831
Mary J Reaves was bornd August the 28th 1833
William Reaves was bornd May the 31th 1835
William Reaves died August the 3 1886
Mary J Ridgell died February the 8:1889
Sarah Reaves died August ? 189?

William Reaves was mared January the 6th 1831

William Henry Reaves Birth January the 17th 1843
Josirah Tomas Reaves Birth February the 13th 1847
Sussan Catherine Reaves was Bornd the yer of our Lord March the 8 Ad 1849
Manda Lauren Reaves was bornd the year of our Lord April the 15 Ad 1851


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