1826 Bible - Sidney K. Reaves Family Bible

Sidney K Reaves Family Bible (1826)

1826 Bible - Sidney K. Reaves Family Bible


This record is from the Digital Archives of NC. It was published in 1826 by R. W. Jeremy L. Cross in New Haven and so appears to be an earlier family Bible than the other Sidney King Reaves Bible. It also appears to have been passed down a different branch of the family.


Sidney K Reaves was Born 5th day of Decr 1806
Sarah C Nicholson was Born April the 11th 1810

George W Reaves & B B Buffington was married the 27th day of Aug 1863

Isaac W. Burney & Sarah M. Reaves was married the 6th March 1892

I. W. Burney Decd the 30th of June 1892

C. J. Butler & Virginia A. Reaves were joined in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony the 18th of Sept 1892

G. W. Reaves Died 2nd Feb 1898

Gussie Reaves Died Jan 7th 1877

A. J. Bray and S. M. Burney was married Nov 25th 1898

W R Reaves Died Aug 11 99

Sidney K Reaves married 25d July 1829
Charles King Reaves Born 31st March 1881
Emma? George Reaves Born 18 March 1883
Henry Cleveland Reaves Born 22st of February 1885
Died the 2rd of Aug 1890

Charles Alfred Reaves Born 3rd May 1830
Mary Agusta Reaves was Born April 19 1867
John Sidney Reaves Born Sept 20 1868
Sarah Matilda Reaves Born March 2nd 1871
Eugenia Alice Reaves Born 28th Feb 1872
William Rufus Reaves Born 28 Jun 1872
James Nicholson Reaves Born May 10th 1877
Edward Alfred Reaves Born 10th Jan 1879

E A. Reaves Died Sept 14th 1899


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