1856 Will - Levi Reeves

1856 Will - Levi Reeves

1856 Will - Levi Reeves


Rutherford County, Tennessee
Record Book 18, p215
15 Oct 1856


I Levi Reevs, of Rutherford County, State of Tennessee, being in feeble health, but of sound mind, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit, First I direct that my body be buried in a decent Christian like manner - Secondly, I direct that any just debt against me or my estate, be spedily paid out of the first money which may come into the hands of my executor.
Thirdly, I devise to my wife Mary Jane, for and during the term of her natural life, the House and lot with all its appertainances, where I now reside, in the town of Murfreesboro, and also my lot in said town, lying north of the Presbyterian church, the said two lots being all of my real estate, I also give and bequeath to my wife absolutely and without condition, my three negroes slaves, Ben, Alsey, and Ellin, to her and her heirs forever, I also give and bequeath to her absolutely and to dispose of as she chooses all my household and kitchen furniture, tools and impliments of every description on and about my lot, and all my cattle, Bit I hereby reserve out of the household furnitue, my piano forte, which I purchased for my daughter Corinne, and intend for herl and I hereby bequeath the same to her.
Forthly, After the death of my wife, I direct that the aforesaid house and lots divised to her during her lifetime, shall be sold by my executor, upon such terms as he may deem best, and the proceeds shall be equally divided between my four children, or the survivors of them, if any one died without leaving heirs of their boddy, but if they leave such heirs, they are to stand in the place of and take the share of the deceased parent;
Fifthly, All the rest and residue of my estate of every description, I give and bequeath to my wife and my four children, Corinne, Josephine, Locky Watson, and Mary Lavinia, share and share alike, But in the event of any of my said children dying before they become of lawful age, and without bodily issue, I will and direct that the share of the child so dying shall go to the surviving children equally.
Sixthly, I direct that when my executor shall have settled up my estate and is ready to make distribution thereof, as herein before directed, he shall cause the shares of my children to be settled in them for their sole and separate use, free from the disposition of any future husband; and if necessary to effect that object, he shall have a trustee appointed by the proper court, and the interest of the children secured in the hands of such trustee, by the decree of court.
Seventhly, In Consideration of the provisions, made for my wife and the third item aforesaid, I direct that she shall be charged with the boarding and maintainance of my said children, until they marry or arrive at lawful age, without making any charge therefore against them or their estate, but she is not to be charged with their board from home.
Eighthly, It is my wish and direction that my nephew Levi W Reevs, shall have the direction and superintendance of the education of my children; and to meet the expences thereof, he shall have the right to draw upon the estate of my said children respectively.
Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint my Brother Moses G. Reeves, executor of this my last will and testament, having entire confidence in his business capacity and integrity; and he having, at my request, consented to act as such, I direct that the Court shall not require any security except his two sons Daniel L. Reeves and Levi W. Reeves, in a bond of seventy five thousand dollars.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th day of October in the year of our Lord, One thousand, eight hundred and fifty six.
Levi Reeves (seal)
Signed Sealed and published }
in presene of us, who have }
attested in presence of the }
testator, and of each other on }
the day & year aforesaid }
W R McFadden } }
Joseph Spence } Jurat }

State of Tennessee }
Rutherford County } County Court November Term 1856
The execution of the foregoing last will and testament of Levi Reeves Decd, was duly proven in open court, at the above mentioned term by the oaths of R W McFadden & Joseph Spence, the subscribing witnesses thereto, and was ordered to be recorded.
Recorded 7th Nov 1856John Jones Clerk


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