1851 Census Piece 1673 - Winchester Registration District (1st of 3 pieces), Hampshire

1851 Census Piece 1673 - Winchester (1st of 3 pieces)

1851 Census Piece 1673 - Winchester (1st of 3 pieces)


The census pieces typically coincide with Civil Registration Districts. However, the Winchester Registration Distict is covered by three peices of the 1851 census, this piece 1673 and pieces 1674 & 1675. For further information, please see Winchester Registration District at GENUKI.

Piece 1673 seems to cover the northern parishes of the registration district, piece 1674 the parishes of the City of Winchester and piece 1675 the southern parishes of the registration district.

Piece 1673 includes the following parishes (partial list) Crawley, Hunton, Itchen Abbas, Kings Worthy and Martyr Worthy.


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