Reeves Review - Asa Rives, Page 15, ID 78

Asa Rives, Page 15, ID 78

Errors of The Reeves Review II

Asa Rives

Page 15, ID 78
See - http://www.joesue.com/Books/RRII/R0015.htm Link broken.

The lineage listed as (George, John, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert) is incorrect other than his father, George.

See errors noted for George Rives, Page 12, ID 33, who was his father.

Asa Rives Reeves is not related to the Rives family of Surry/Sussex who are documented in DNA Group 8 of the Reeves DNA Project. A descendant of Asa's brother Benjamin through his son Austin Smith (164.i) has participated in the Reeves DNA Project and placed in DNA Group 10.

Asa's year of birth has not been established.

Neither the parentage nor year of death of Asa's adopted son Benjamin has been determined.

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