Reeves, William (aft 1771 - 1835 TN)

William Reeves

Reeves, William


Father: Unknown

Birth: after 1771
Birth Source: DOB from 1830 Census, age 50-59

Death: 2 Jan 1835, Bedford County, Tennessee
Death: by 2 Jan 1835, Bedford County, Tennessee
Death Source: Bedford County, Tennessee Family History Book, Page 419 1835 Deed

Spouse1: Margaret Floyd


Children of William Reeves and Margaret Floyd:
  1. Elizabeth Reeves, b. bef 1790
  2. maybe Isham Reeves, b. c1791
  3. Rebecca Reeves, b. 6 Dec 1791
  4. Reuben Reeves, b. 1792 to 13 Aug 1795
  5. Absalom Reeves, b. 12 Jul 1802
  6. maybe Mary Reeves
  7. maybe John Reeves
This appears to be the William Reeves recorded in St. Thomas, Cheraws District, South Carolina in the 1790 census. Reuben Reeves who migrated to Tennessee around the same time that William did was also living in the Cheraws District in 1790 and may be a close relative. It's possible some of the records referring to William Reeves in Cheraws and Chesterfield are actually of this William.

In 1806, the land for William Reaves in Chesterfield was mentioned in connection with plats issued to James Hollaman for land on Buffalo Creek and Lynches Creek in Chesterfield County. On 29 November 1810, William Reaves received a plat for 110 acres on Buffalo Creek in Chesterfield County, which had been surveyed by John Lowry in 1802. The plat mentions John Meador and Reuben Reeves.

William first shows up in Bedford County deeds in 1819 when he received 60 acres from Thomas Brothers for $160.

Bedford County, Tennessee: Family History Book, Page 419 cites the 1828 Bedford County, TN, Deed Book AA, pg. 320, "Johnathan Floyd, David Floyd, George Floyd, Enoch Floyd, John Davis and William Reaves for $100 to each of us, we assign to Elijah Floyd, Hosea K. Floyd, and Normand Finney, jointly, our interest in the land estate of David Floyd, deceased, of Bedford County, TN." This deed appears to be evidence that William was married to a daughter of David Floyd, who was presumably Margaret.

Ibid., Page 419. "William Reeves died before Jul. 23, 1835 in Bedford County, TN, when he leaves his land, located between Falling Creek and North Fork, "it being part of 4,000 acre tract granted by North Carolina to Richard Trotter," to his seven heirs, who were Elizabeth, Isom, Mary, Rebecca, Reuben, Absalom and John Reeves." Although the author lists Isham, Mary, and John as children of William, no records have been found to indicate a connection.

Bedford County deeds show that William died by 2 Jan 1835. On that date, Reuben deeded land to Luddy Crutchfield of Bedford Co., Tennessee, "it being four sevenths of a one hundred and six acre tract of land left by the will of William Reeves decd to his heirs." Since his sisters Elizabeth and Rebecca later gave power of attorney to Absalom to sell their portions, it appears Reuben had charge of the rest. Absalom then sold the remaining three parts, apparently including those of his sisters Elizabeth and Rebecca to Dudley Crutchfield in 1836.

Research Notes

It appears that William's son Reuben Reeves lived in Alabama for a while before going to Kentucky as a number of his children were born in Alabama. In addition, there is apparently a reference to Reuben Reeves in the Lauderdale County, Alabama Equity Record Book F, pp223-231. This needs further research. The connection to Lauderdale County is significant as many of the children of Moses Reeves moved there and could indicate a close connection between William and Moses.


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