Rives, Edward (c1814 - )

Edward Rives

Rives, Edward


Father: Thomas Rives
Mother: Mary B. Collins

Birth: c1814
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Sallie Poole


Children of Edward Rives and Sallie Poole:
  1. Catherine Rives, b. c1839, m. Miles G. Griffey
  2. Jennie Rives, b. c1849, m. Wily J. Powers
  3. Sallie Fannie Rives, m. Gabriel Davie
  4. Edna Rives, d. young

Reliques states Sallie's "father's farm adjoined that of her father-in-law, and settled on a farm some miles distant in Montgomery county, Tennessee, near Lafayette,
Ky. She died about the age of sixty and he survived her some ten years."


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