Rives, Robert Edwards (1812 - 1861 AR)

Rives, Robert Edwards

Rives, Robert Edwards


Father: Edwards Rives
Mother: Mary Ann Alston

Birth: 24 May 1812, North Carolina
Birth Source: Family Bible

Death: 12 Aug 1861, Roe, Monroe County, Arkansas
Death Source: Family Bible

Spouse1: Elizabeth Jane Farrish, m. 7 Jan 1834
Spouse2: Mary A. Brown, m. 19 Aug 1855, Chatham County, North Carolina


Children of Robert Edwards Rives and Elizabeth Jane Farrish:
  1. Amanda M. Rives, b. 5 Jan 183(5 or 6), d. 27 Jul 183(5 or 6)
  2. Thomas E. Rives, b. 15 Nov 1836, d. 26 Aug 1837
  3. Oran Alston Rives, b. 10 Dec 1838
  4. Mary Frances Rives, b. 26 Aug 1841, m. Charles D. Taylor
  5. Martha K. Rives, b. 17 Dec 1842, d. 6 Oct 1861
  6. Catherine A. Rives, b. 2 Feb 1846, d. 8 Jul 1847
  7. William Adam Rives, b. 19 Oct 1847
  8. James F. Rives, b. 21 Aug 1849, d. 9 Aug 1853
  9. Robert A. Rives, b. 16 Mar 1852

Children of Robert Edwards Rives and Mary A. Brown:
  1. Rosa V. Rives, b. 17 Dec 1856
  2. Edward Andrew Rives, b. 2 Jan 1859
  3. Lula H. Rives, b. 1 Oct 1861

From Reliques of the Rives:
Robert Edwards Rives was born May 24, 1812, and rose to a position of eminence in his community; serving two terms as sheriff of Chatham county, North Carolina, and declining to stand for election a third time because of his opposition to the use of the whipping post. In 1854 he represented his county in the North Carolina Legislature. Mr. Rives died shortly after the commencement of hostilities between the North and the South at Roe, Monroe county, Arkansas.

Willey Nichols and A G Cammins were appointed administrators in Prairie County, Arkansas for the estate of Robert E. Rives who died intestate in 1861.


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1860 Census:  Prairie County, Arkansas (Reaves)

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