TRP News - 02 October 2017

October 2017

Wiki Stats - End September 2017

The total number of pages in the Wiki (as at 1 October 2017) now stands at 7046 (previously 7020, 6964, 6950) an increase of 26 pages during the month.     Of these 1350 pages (was 1348, 1337, 1336) begin with a number and are most probably a date related gleaning.     We currently have 2924 wiki pages categorised as "People", of which 2500 begin with the letter "R".
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TRP Users

We ended August 2017 with 297 user accounts registered in TRP, with four new members successfully activating their account during the month. We welcome Virginia Johnson, Suzanne Craddock-Bennett, Jeremy Reeves and Becky Millard and look forward to seeing their contributions to our wiki. Suzanne has already made a start having created |her AboutMe page and started work on person pages for two of her ancestors - well done Suzanne.

Reeves DNA Project Update

We've seen a slight up tick in activity during the third quarter of 2017. At the end of September the project had 266 members, up from 257 at the end of June.

In July we welcomed two new members to the project; Henry Q Reeves and Deborah Terry-Hays. The month of August was both busier and quieter, all at the same time. It was busier in that we saw six expressions of interest, but sadly only one individual went on to complete their membership; Shavon Simpson. During September we've seen nine requests for membership, with seven people so far activating their membership; Rebecca Burnam, Kathleen Murray, Jim Welsh, Cindy Klippenburg, Keith Reeves, Suzanne Craddock-Bennet and "HR".

[Those of you worried about my ability to do simple sums should also note we had one member leave the group in August. So 257 + (2+1+7) - 1 does equal 266.]

The Y-DNA results for Jim Welsh were added to the ungrouped pool during the quarter. Jim matches 36/37 an individual with the surname Reeves, but that individual is currently not a member of our project.

The DNA Group 10 pages within The Reeves Project have benefited from a significant spring clean during the past weeks. We would welcome support from members of other DNA Groups to enhance the coverage of their families.

TheReevesProject123 - Our Companion Google Site

I always hate to tempt fate, but it’s been a while since I’ve used the monthly news to remind everybody of our companion Google Site. We occasionally use these news pages within TRP to convey information about any minor issues with The Reeves Project or about planned outages. We aim to update the latest news within the first day or two of each month, so please do remember to review the the latest news page on a regular basis. We have no planned outages at present, but the unexpected does occasionally happen.

To state the obvious, we can't use TRP itself to let you know what's going on (assuming we know ourselves), should we experience an unexpected outage.   So in addition to our home page http://thereevesproject.org/data/ you should ensure you also have a browser bookmark for https://sites.google.com/site/thereevesproject123/home(external link), our companion Google Site, just in case of emergencies. You'll find further details on page wiki page TRP - Is It Down?.

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