Reeves_George (c1620 LIN - ?)


Reeves, George



Birth: c1620, Lincoln or Lincolnshire, England
Birth Source: Age approximate

Death Source:



Children of George Reeves:
  1. Thomas Reeves
  2. Francis Reeves
  3. George Reeves
  4. Charles Reeves

The name of the parent of these individuals who are named in Middlesex County, Virginia documents is presumed based upon several citations that list George Reeves as George Reeves, Jr.

Research Notes

There were several Reeves families in the Northern Neck of Virginia between 1650 and 1750. One William Reeves died about 1699 in Northumberland County. Thomas Reeves lived in Richmond County, and John Reeves lived in Lancaster County. A Robert Reeves who was a contemporary of this William lived in Northumberland County. Later, George Reeves would also live in Northumberland County. Slightly further afield, the family of Henry Reeves, Sr. lived in Old Rappahannock/Essex County. Across the Rappahannock River in Middlesex County was the large family headed by George Reeves and his four known sons, Thomas, Francis, George, and Charles. DNA analysis establishes, however, that there was no connection between the family of George Reeves and that of Henry Reeves, Sr.. Since descendants of these other Reeves families have not yet been tested, the possibility of kinship between some of them cannot be precluded.

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