Reeves, Moses - (? - 1794 NC)


Reeves, Moses


Father: Unknown

Birth: probably circa 1770
Birth Source:

Death: abt 1794, Orange County, North Carolina
Death Source: Administrators Bond filed 26 Feb 1794

Spouse1: Unknown


There is very little information regarding Moses Reeves, beyond his small Orange County estate file and several deeds. Moses appears to be part of the family of George Reeves, Sr. of that county.

George Reeves, Sr. made bond on 26 Feb 1794 as administrator of Moses Reeves' estate. The only other records currently found are references to Moses in deeds involving Lysias Durham, husband of Sarah Reeves and son-in-law of George Reeves, Sr.
20 Jan 1794 - Orange County, North Carolina Deed Book 8, Page 41 - Deed from William Lindsey Durham of Orange to Lysias Durham of same, £50, 100 acres, on East side of Indian Camp Branch, beginning on branch at the Old Corner on a black oak, North to outside corner to a post oak, East to a stake, South by a dividing line to the Old Line, along old line to beginning. Signed: William Lindsey Durham. Witnesses: Mark Durham & Moses Reeves. Acknowledged May Term 1799. Delivered William Durham. (William Doub Bennett)

20 Jan 1794 - Lysias Durham of Orange County deeded to William Lindley Durham of same 100 acres beginning at the Road, by a dividing line, west on dividing line to Matthew Durham's west line, south to corner of Durham's line, east to road, up road to beginning. Signed: Lysias Durham. Witnesses: Mark Durham, Moses Rives and Isaac Durham.

George Reeves died in 1821 leaving a will naming his children who were living at that time. It is possible that Moses was a son of George Reeves and simply unnamed because he was deceased and left no heirs. It is also possible that Moses Reeves could have been an older individual and have even been the father of George Reeves although the fact that there are no deed records of Moses as either grantor or grantee seems to indicate that he was fairly young.

It is interesting to note that several documents in Moses' estate file bear the original signature of George Reeves who signed his name REVES just as the William Reeves family of neighboring Wake County. The signature is undoubtably that of George, Sr. as the signature of his son George Reeves, Jr. found in his father's estate file does not match the signature on Moses' estate records.


Orange County NC Estate File of Moses Reeves
Orange County NC Deed Records

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