Reeves, Spencer S. (c1810 NC - 1853 NC)

Reeves, Spencer S

Reeves, Spencer Stuart


Father: George Reeves, Jr.
Mother: Sarah Stuart

Birth: c1810, Orange County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Census and records from George Reeves, Jr.'s estate

Death: February 1853, Orange County, North Carolina
Death Source: Administrator's Bond on Estate of Spencer Rives (sic) filed 4 Mar 1853

Spouse1: Sarah G. Lightfoot, 1 May 1832, Chatham County, North Carolina
Spouse2: Ann E. Duncan, m. 17 Jul 1839, Orange County, North Carolina


In 1847 Spencer Reeves killed his sister, Harriet. Spencer's violent outburst against his sister appeared to have been caused by the fact that they owned a large amount of land as tenants in common. This would have meant that if Harriet married, as she was planning to do, her share of the land would pass into her husband's hands, potentially compromising Spencer's access to the property. The case is recorded in the Criminal Action Papers for Orange County, located at the NC Department of Archives and History in Raleigh.

In an earlier court case of 1841, Spencer was charged with having stolen the horse of two men named Bynum. In that case, Spencer's mother, Sarah, and his sister Harriet whom he later murdered, delivered an impassioned petition to the court to forgive Spencer his crime. Their plea worked and the Bynum men agreed to drop charges, leaving Spencer free and unpunished.

His mother Sarah Durham's will written in 1847 mentions that a minimal amount from her estate was to be used for his support and maintenance if he should be acquitted from the charge alleged against him. The outcome of the trial of Spencer Reeves is unknown.

A court order recorded in Randolph County NC suggests that Spencer Reeves was held in jail there in 1847: “Court order that militia guards for jail for Spencer S. Reeves, be paid, 1847”, Randolph County.

Thomas Fawcett filed an administrator's bond on the estate of Spencer "Rives" on 4 Mar 1853.

Note: According to local history Spencer Reeves was hanged for the crime and buried outside of the family cemetery.


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