Obion County, TN

Obion County, TN

Obion County, TN


Created on October 24, 1823, and organized on January 19, 1824, Obion County included what is now Lake County until 1870. The county took its name from the Obion River; the word Obion is thought to be an Indian word meaning "many forks." Situated in the rolling hills of northwest Tennessee, Obion County has earned the nickname "Land of Green Pastures."

Many early settlers were Scots-Irish from the Carolinas and Virginia. The first known white settler was Elisha Parker, who arrived in the area in 1819.
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Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Fulton County, Kentucky? - (north)
Weakley County, TN? - (east)
Gibson County, TN- (southeast)
Dyer County, TN? - (southwest)
Lake County, TN? - (west)
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