Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County Massachusetts

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County Massachusetts

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County Massachusetts


These entries all appear to concern the family of John Reeves of Salem, Massachusetts and cover years 1636 to 1683 as abstracted in the first eight volumes of a set of abstracts.


Court Held at Salem, 29 July 1640
Allen Yewe and William Reeves to answer at Boston for misdemeanors.
[Wm. Reeves witnessed that Yew was "something in drink." John Bartoll said that he was drunk and fought. — Waste Book.]

Court Held at Salem, 28 Dec 1642
Sara, wife of Henry Renalds of Salem, presented for pilfering. Now in childbed. Admonished, to sit in stocks one hour next lecture day, and to make restitution to Goodman Bullock.
Wit: John Reeves.

Court Held at Salem, 27 Apr 1665
Wm. Flinte, aged sixty-two years, and Jno. Reives, aged about thirty years, deposed concerning the earmarks, etc. Sworn in court.

Court Held at Salem, 30 Jun 1668
William Reeves and Susana Durin, appearing to answer for committing fornication, which they confessed, said Reeves, having some other misdemeanors charged against him, was sentenced to be severely whipped and to pay 50s. fine and 50s. to Mr. Cromwell for abusing his maid. Susana was sentenced to be severely whipped or pay a fine of 4li. Reeves was bound in 20li. to free the town from the support of the child and in 10li. for good behavior. John Reeves, surety.

William Reeves was cleared by proclamation from his bond for good behavior.

William Reeves was enjoined by the court, upon penalty of 10li., not to keep company with Susana Durin, either public or private.

An, wife of John Day complained to the Worshipful Major Hathorne that William Reeves came into her house about nine o’clock in the night, blew out her candle, etc. He asked to be tried by a jury, which was granted, and he was found not guilty.

Nov 1672
Execution, dated 16 :6 :1672, against William Reeves to satisfy judgment granted John Day at Salem court, 28 : 9 : 1671, signed by Hilliard Veren,* for the court, and served by Henry Skerry,* marshal of Salem, by attachment of boards

Nov 1672
Execution, dated Mar. 28, 1672, against Wm. Reeve to satisfy judgment granted Mr. Edmond Batter at Ipswich court, Mar. 26, 1672, signed by Robert Lord,* cleric, and served by Henry Skerry,* marshal of Salem, deputy for Robert Lord,* marshal, by attachment of the new house frame of William Reeves. Edmond Batter* acknowledged, 14 :9 : 1676, to have received of Robert Stone of Salem six pounds upon account of Wm. Reeves, and thereby released the attachment on the frame of the house. Wit: Hilliard Veren.*

Jun 1673
William Reeves acknowledged judgment to Timothy Lindall in cod fish at current price upon Winter Island.

Jun 1673
Hen. Hall, complaining against William Reeves and Georg Cross for abusing him upon the highway and beating him, to the great injury of his health, said Reeves and Cross were fined and ordered to be whipped.

Jun 1673
William Reeves, for breach of the peace by fighting with another man, was fined.

Jun 1673
William Reeves and John Best, for breach of the peace, fighting in the street, was fined. Wit: Henry Skery and John Williams.

July 1678
William Reeves, aged about thirty-three years, testified that the day before the last Ipswich court, being at Isack Williams’ door, his master, Mr. Phillip Cromwell, desired him to go along with him to look at an ox at Sall. Browne’s house. One Briars went with them, who was going through the land which led to Browne’s house toward Mr. King’s house, etc.

Jun 1679
William Reeves, aged about thirty-four years, deposed that he had several times seen Ezekiel Needom ride upon the horse. Sworn, 5 : 6 : 1679.

Nov 1681
The will and inventory of John Reeves, deceased, were proved and allowed.


Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Vol I - VIII