The Reeves Project - About Us


The Reeves Project - About Us

The Reeves Project (TRP) is a worldwide collaborative project open to anyone interested in Reeves family research or any variation of the Reeves surname (Reaves, Reavis, Rieves, Rives, Ryves, etc.). Our goal is to collect and provide free of charge as much information as possible about the many Reeves families.

This is not family tree software. This is a research tool that aids in the collection of information about individuals, families and geographic locations. The Reeves Project uses Wiki software that has been developed specifically to provide an online repository for genealogy and history research of the Reeves surname. A key feature of TRP is that it is easily enables collaboration between community members and we encourage analysis and discussion of the collected data.

All data on The Reeves Project has been transcribed and submitted by community members from a variety of sources. We recognize, of course, that information comes from a wide variety of, sometimes conflicting, sources ranging from original documents to personal records to interviews with family members. Regardless of the type of record, however, the source must ALWAYS be documented. This greatly facilitates discussion and collaboration, which helps improve the quality of all our researches.

The Reeves Project reserves the right to remove unsubstantiated information presented as fact.

If you are a serious researcher of a Reeves (or similarly named) family, you are invited to apply to join our community. Please complete the information requested on the Join Us page and we'll be in touch shortly. Some of the existing DNA groups within The Reeves DNA Project are already utilising The Reeves Project to enrich and extend their group's information. Why not join them?

If you are simply curious to see what information TRP's volunteers have created, you'll find the vast majority of our content is freely available without the need for an account. Currently Google seems to offer the best results from TRP. Try searching for "Reeves Project" followed by the name of the individual you're seeking, so for example "Reeves Project" +"Charles Reeves"
We hope you like what you find and will want to come and Join Us as an active participant in adding more pages for the benefit of all Reeves researchers.

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