Richmond Co., VA -- 1699-1704 Court Orders

1699-1704 Court Order Book 3

Richmond Co., VA Court Order Book 3, 1699-1704

Richmond Co., VA
Order Book 3, 1699-1704

(This book was transcribed by Ruth and Sam Sparacio (McLean, VA, 1991) and published in two installments, 1699-1701 and 1702-1704.)

6 March 1700/1…Attachmt is granted to John White exr. of Leroy George against the state of Tho: Reves according to declaracion returnable & c…. (Sparacio, 1699-1701, p. 64).

8 May 1702: Hamlett Robinson plt v. Thomas Reeves deft. (Sparacio, 1702-1704, p. 13).

1 July 1702: Hamlett Robinson v. Thomas Reeves, order for 771 pounds of sweet sented tobacco, the deft not appearing, order is confirmed with costs of suit… (Sparacio, 1702-1704, p. 18).

2 June 1703: Thomas Reeves confest judgmt to Hamlett Robinson for 771 pounds sweet sented tobbo: in caske due by Bill, wch: is ordered to be paid wth: cost of suit als Exo. (Sparacio, 1702-1704, p. 52).