Northumberland Co., VA - 1699-1713 Court Orders, Part 1

1699-1713 Court Orders, Part 1

Northumberland County Court Order Book 1699-1713 Part One

Northumberland County, Virginia
Court Order Book 1699-1713
Part One: 1699-1706
(Transcribed and edited by Charles & Virginia Hamrick, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1999. The initial references are item numbers used by the Hamricks, referring to the original page and to the item on that page.)

19 January 1699

3/2: "Upon the moc'on of Margery Lunceford a Com'c'on of Adm'c'on is granted her on the Estate of William Reeves dec'ed shee giving Cuation for her due Adm'c'on on the Estate according to Law."

19 April 1699

5/3: "Archibald Stintson Serv't to Robert Reeves being brought to the Court ot be adjudged is by the Court adjudged to be Nine Yeares of Age and Ordered he serve his said master according to Law."

20 April 1699

8/7: "Judgm't is granted M'r Phillip Shapleigh ag't the Estate of M'r Peter Presly dec'ed Twelve hundred Eighty four pounds of Tobacco due by Account proved by the Oaths of the Pl'ts Rob't Reeves and Tho. Shapleigh and Ordered that Tho's Hobson Guardian of Peter Presly Orphan of the Said Dec'ed pay the said sum'e unto the said Shapleigh out of the said Estate al's Ex'o."

19 April 1700

97/13: "Margery Lunceford Adm'x of William Reeves ag't Capt. William Jones Continued."

97/14: "Margery Lunceford Adm'x of W'm Reeves Assignee of W'm Simpson ag't Rob't Jones Continued."

20 June 1700

103/18: "Mary Lunceford Administratrix of William Reeves against Capt. William Jones continued by Consent."

104/1: "Robert Jones Confesseth judgm't unto Mary Lunceford Adm'x of William Reeves Assignee of William Simpson for three hundred pounds of Tobacco due by Bill and Ordered he pay the said sum'e of three hundred pounds of Tobacco unto the said Mary Lunceford in her said Qaulity with Costs al's Execuc'on."

19 July 1700

109/9: "Margery Lunceford Adm'x of William Reeves ag't Capt. William Jones Dism't."

19 February 1700/1

144/1: "Elizabeth Wilcox Serv't to Robert Reeves haveing had a Bastard Child in the time of her service by Robert Clifford shee hath made Oath in court It's Ordered shee serve her Master One Yeare according to Law and that the Sherr' give her Twenty Lashes on her bare back for her said Offence and that the said Robert the Reputed father enter into bond with good & sufficient security to save the P'ish harmless."

18 July 1701

175/2: "Robert Reeves against Robert Jones dismissed."

22 January 1701/2

195/1: "Onecephorous Harvey brings Suite ag't Josias Gaskins & declaring that about the first of February Last he did bargaine with Josias Gaskins for four Ew[e]s with Lambs to be delivered upon demand etc. which the said GAskins denyes....a Jury were Impannelled & sworne to try the Issue (viz't) Richard Flynt, Thomas Rout, James Haynes, Christopher Dawson, Vincent Garner, Richard Smith, William Nelmes, James Nipper, John Hughlett, Charles Moorehead, Richard Russell & Robert Reeves...doe find...that there was such a bargaine made."

21 October 1702

225/9: "Edward Barnes haveing this day in Court Acknowledged a Deed for Land to Robert Reeves the said Deed is admitted to Record."

18 March 1702/3

241/7: "Ester Sanders a poore woman haveing Exhibited a Compl't ag't Rob't Reeves & the said Rob't Reeves being absent It's Ordered the Sheriffe Sum'on him to the next court to Answ' the s'd Compl't."

20 May 1703

249/4: "Ester Sanders ag't Robert Reeves Cont'd to the next Court in Order that some of the s'd Sanders her Neighbors may then be here to informe the Court of w't they know in the premisses."

249/7: "Ester Smith petic'oning this Court that shee did hire herselfe for four Years to Isaac Edwards for hers and her Childs Maintenance & without Yo[u]r Petic'oners Consent the said Edwards his wife brought her Child to Court and Yesterday putt the said Child upon the Churchwarden who bound the Child to Robert Reeves and prayed shee might have her Child againe etc. It's Ordered that the Sheriffe Sum'on teh said Isaac Edwards to appeare to the next Court to Answ' the s'd Compl't."

15 September 1703

260/1: "Certificate is granted M'r John Carnegie for two thousand four hundred acres of Land for the Importac'on of forty Eight Persons into this Colony who (viz't)....Francis Williard, William Nellagon, Elizabeth Wilcox, Robert Reeves.....The above named forty Eight Persons being assigned and in Court acknowledged to the said M'r John Carnegie Severall Persons as followeth the first Named One by John Way the next two by Thomas Hughlett the next two by John Reason the next Nineteene by Mr. Saml'll Smith the four following by Robert Reeves & the remaining twenty by Capt. Phill' Shapleigh which have Severally in Court made Oaths to the Importac'on of the said Persons & that the said Rights have not beene before proved nor made use of to the best of their Knowledge by any person or persons whatsoever.""

17 May 1704

287/11: "Robert Reeves Appointed Constable & Ordered he be Sworne to the Oath of a Constable."

22 June 1704

293/1: "In the Difference depending betweene John Haynie Pl't and Richard Smith...Dav[i]d Straughan foreman, James Johnson, Jn'o Claughton, Jn'o Bowes, Thomas Miller, Richard Tullos, Hugh Callan, Clement Arledge, Ignatius Olliver, Manly Browne, Thomas Barecroft, Robert Reeves, which report on the Pl'ts Moc'on is Admitted to Record..."

16 November 1704

317/10: "Upon the Moc'on of Jn'o Bowes, John Webb, Vincent Garner, Rob't Reeves & Rob't Christopher any three of them are by the Court appointed to divide the Estate of John Bowes dec'ed and return their proceedings therein to the next Court."

19 September 1705

360/4: "John Hayne, William Jones, Jr., Thomas Seldon, Henry Dawson, W'm Cornish, John Dawson, James Harrold, Robert Reeves, Henry Boggasse, Ignatius Olliver, Richard Tullos, John Cockrell, Richard Cockrell, David Spruce, John Cockrell, Anthony Haynie, John Bridgeman, Charles Ingram, John LUnceford, Hancock Nicholls, Edward Paul, Dennis Vollen, John Langdon, & Chalres Nelmes being sum'oned by teh Sheriffe to this Court and all appeareing were this Day Sworne of the Grand Inquest for the body of this County and a Charge Given them."

20 September 1705

363/5: "Whereas an Attachm't was Awarded Capt. John Cralle ag't Sam'll Powell for Eighteene hundred pounds of Tobacco which is returned Executed in the hands of James Jones & Robert Reeves & the s'd Jones & Reeves appeareing and amkeing Oath in Court that they noe part of the said Powell's Estate in their hands the s'd Attachm't is hterefore Dismissed."

21 March 1705/6

376/1: "Certificate is granted to Capt. George Eskridge for the Importac'on of Twenty One persons into this Colony for One thousand & fifty Acres of Land (viz't)....Roger Reeves...."

19 June 1705

380/14: "Vincent Garner & Martha his wife this Day in Court Acknowledged a Deed of Sale of a Parcell of Land to Robert Reeves and the same is Admitted to Record."

380/15: "Vincent Garner & Martha his wife this Day in Court Acknowledged a Deed of Sale of a Parcell of Land to Robert Reeves and the same is Admitted to Record."

21 August 1706

393/3: "William Onellican late Serv't to Robert Reeves Petic'oning this Court for his Corne & Cloaths haveing served his said Master according to Law and the said Reeves not appeareing It's thereofre Ordered the Sheriffe Sum'on the said Reeves to the next Court to Answ' the said Complaint."

22 November 1706

408/3: "William Onellican ag't Reeves Dismissed."