1714 Will - Jane Reeve

1714 Will - Jane Reeve

1714 Will - Jane Reeve


New York Will Book 8, p330 (Old Liber 8, p289)
20 May 1714


To all Christian People to whom these presents may come Greeting Know yee that I Jane Reeve widdow of James Reeve late of Thornbury in Gloucestershire in Great Brittain Doe make this my Last Will and Testament as followeth ffirst I Recommend my soul unto God my Creator who gave it and to Jesus Christ my Saviour who Died for me and hath Redeemed me by his precious Blood and in whom alone I trust and hope for Salvation and as for what outward Substance the Lord Hath been pleased to Bless me with I Dispose of as followeth vizt after my Lawfull Debts are paid & ffunerall charges discharged, First I do give and bequeath unto my beloved Brother John White of Thornbury ffifty pounds secondly I give & bequeath unto James Coventry of Thornbury Twenty pounds Thirdly I give and bequeath unto Edmond Hews of Thornbury Twenty pounds ffourthly I give & bequeath unto Mary Hews ten pounds ffifthly I give and bequeath unto Mary Hews Junr Twenty pounds Sixthly I give and bequeath unto Jabesh Reeve my watch and four silver Buttons, Seaventhly I give and bequeath unto Phebe Burling and Philladelphia Williams my Tabling Linnen and napkins and other linnen to be equally divided between them and unto Phebe Burling Junr my Silver Bodkin and to Hannah Williams a s of Gold. eightly I give and bequeath unto Ffrancis Reeve my Grazett suit of cloths and one whool and two new pair of shoes and solver Buckles and Buttons. Ninthly I give and bequeath unto Esther Lain my silk suit of cloths that was my wedding suit, tenthly I give my side saddle and wip unto Philladelphia Williams Eleaventhly I give and bequeath unto Edward Burling and Jeremiah Williams Each of them fifteen pounds, who I constitute make and ordain my executors of this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby disallow and revoake all other wills by me heretofore made ratifying and confirming this my Last Will and Testament hereby impowering my said executors to receive and dispose of all things Goods and Chattells whatsoever belonging to me for the uses above mentioned as farr as it will hold out and all the rest of my estate reall and personall whatsoever that remains over and above when the legacys and all above mentioned are paid and discharged I give unto my Brother John White above named In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seall this one and twentyeth day of the third month one thousand seaven hundred and fourteen
Jane Reeve

Signed Sealed and Declared by Jane Reeve to be her last will and Testament in the presence of us the subscribers Phillip Dolly Steven Vanbraecken John Latham

Robert Hunter Esqr Captain Generall and Governour in Cheife of the province of New York New Jersey and Territories thereon Depending in America and vice admerall of the same &c to all to whom these presents shall come or may concern Greeting Know yee that at New York the third Day of June the Last Will and Testament of Jane Reeve was proved approved and allowed of by me having while she lived and at the time of her Death Goods CHattells and Credits in divers places and within this province by means whereof the full Disposition of all and singular the Goods Chattells and Creditts of the said Decd and the Granting the administration of them also the hearing of account calculation or Reckoning and the final Discharge and Dismission from the same unto me soly and not unto any other inferior Judge are many? known to belong and the administration of all and singular the Goods Chattells and Creditts of the said Deced and her Last Will ad Testament in any manner of ways concerning was Granted unto Edward Burling and Jeremiah Williams the Executors in the said Last Will and Testament named cheifely of well and truely administtring the same and of makeing a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattells and creditts of the said Deced and exhibitting the same into the Registry of the Prerogative Court in the Secretarys office at or before the third day of December next ensueing and of Rendring a just and true account calculation or Reckoning when thereunto required In testimony whereof I have caused the prerogative seale of the said province to be hereunto affixed at New York this third Day of June Anno Dom 1714.
W. Willman D Secry


This appears to have been dated using old style dates, thus the third month would be May, and it was proved the next month, June.


New York Will Book 8, p330 (Old Liber 8, p289) (Ancestry)