1718 Deed - Robert and Sarah Rives to Nicholas Calleyham

1718 Deed - Robert and Sarah Rives to Nicholas Calleyham

1718 Deed - Robert and Sarah Rives to Nicholas Calleyham


Surry County, Virginia
Will and Deed Book 7, p126
15 Jul 1718


This Indenture made the fifteenth Day of July in the year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and in the year of our Lord God one Thousand Seven hundred and Eighteen between Robert Ryeves of Surry County and Sarah his wife of the one part and Nocholas Calleyham of the same County of the other part - Witnesseth - that the said Robert Ryves and Sarah his wife for and in consideration of five shill of Lawfull money of England to them in hand paid before the sealing and Delivery hereof the receipt whereof they the said Robert Ryeves and Sarah his wife doe hereby acknowledge and thereof and of every part thereof doe Acquit and Discharge the said Nocks Calleyham his Exrs & Admrs by these presents hath granted bargained & sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Nicholas Calleyham his Exrs & Assigns one hundred Acres of land lying on the south sie of Nollaway river be the same more or less, To wit, beginning at a maple upon the said River bank, thence southerdly along a Line of markt Trees to a corner hickory thence North thirty seven Degrees West forty eight pole to a red oak thence West thirty seven Degrees North fifty two and a half poles to a red oak thence North Thirty Eight Degrees West Twenty Eight poles to a pine, thence West Two Degrees North Twenty Eight poles to a white oak thence North fourteen and a half Degrees East one hundred fourty four poles to a maple on the river Bank thence Down the same as it menders to the begining and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder & Remainders thereof and of every part and parcel thereof To have and to hold the said Land with all and singular the premises before mentioned and intended to be hereby granted bargained & sold with their and every of their Appurtenances unto the said Nicholas Calleyham his Exrsr Admrs & Assigns from the Day of the Date hereof for & During the full End and Term of six months from thence next ensuing fully to be compleat and ended to the end that by virtue of these presents and the statute of Transferring Uses into possession to the said Nicholas Calleyham may be in Actuall possession of the premises and be enabled to take and accept of a grant and Release of the same to him the sd Nicholas Calleyham his Heirs and Assigns for ever. In witness whereof the said Partys have hereto set their hands & affixed their seals the Day and year above written
Signed Sealed & DeliveredRobt Rieves Sealed
in the presence of usSarah water mark Rives Sealed
This Day appeared in Court the above named Robert Reives and did acknowledge the above mentioned Contents to be his real Act & Deed which is ordered to be recorded and is recorded by
J. Allen CC


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