1747 Deed - Beverley et al to Henry Reeves

1747 Deed - Wm. Beverley et al to Henry Reeves

1747 Deed – Wm. Beverley et al to Henry Reeves

Essex County, Virginia
Deed Book 24 pg 146-147
16 Jun 1747


WHEREAS Several Laws have appointed and Confirmed to the County of Essex fifty acres of Land for a Town and whereas William Beverley Alexander Parker & William Daingerfield Gent are by order of the Court of the said County appointed Feoffees in Trust to dispose and make saile of the said Land according to Law NOW THIS INDENTURE witnesseth that the said William Beverley and William Daingerfield two of the Feoffees aforesaid for and in Consideration of one hundred and fifty pounds of Tobacco & Cask to them in hand paid or secured to be paid by Henry Reeves have granted Bargained and sold and by these presents doe grant Bargain and Sell unto the said Henry Reeves and to his heirs and assigns one Lott or half acre of Land in the Burgh of Tappahannock being part of the said fifty acres and Numbered 37 To have and to hold the aforesaid Lott or half acre of Land to him the said Henry Reeves and to his heirs and assigns forever in as full and ample manner as is directed by one act made at a Generall assembly begun at Williamsburg the thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred an five Entitled an act for Establishing ports and Towns he or they paying one ounce of Flax seed and two ounces of hempseed on the Tenth day of October annually to the Director and Benchers of the said Burgh of Tappahannock when they shall be Elected and to their successors for the use of the said Burgh Provided that the said Henry Reeves his heirs or assigns do begin and w.thout delay proceed to build and finish on the said Lott within twelve months after the date hereof one good house to Contain Twenty feet square at the Least Otherwise this grant to be Void and the Lott hearein (sic) granted to be liable to the Choice and purchase of any other person according to Law IN WITNESS whereof they the said William Beverly & William Daingerfield have hereunto Set there (sic) hands and Seals this 16th day of June in the year of our lord one Thousand Seven hundred and forty Seven –
Signed Sealed and Delivered
In the presence of us . . . . . . }                                                           W Beverley (Seal)
Rob/t Sp: Coleman                                                                              W Daingerfield (Seal)
Edw.d Lewis . . . . . . . . }
John Singleton . . . . . . }

BE IT REMEMBERED that on the 16th day of June in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred forty and Seven quiet and peaceable possession and Seizen of the half acre or Lott of Land within mentioned was given and Delivered by the within named William Beverly & William Daingerfield Gent. By Cuting of a Turf and Twig of the within Lot or half acre of Land Numbered 37 and delivered the same to the within named Henry Reeves to have and to hold the same according to the use and purpose within mentioned –
In presence of us
Rob.t Sp. Coleman                 At a Court held for Essex County at Tappahannock
Edw.d Lewis . . . . . . . }           on the 16th day of June Anno Dom 1747 –
John Singleton . . . . . }           William Beverly and William Daingerfield Feoffees
                                                    Acknowledged this deed Indented with the Livery of Seizen
Thereon Endorsed to Henry Reeves to be their act and deed w.ch was admitted to Record.
                                                                                      John Lee CECur


Essex County VA DB 24 pgs. 146-147, online scanned original images at Family Search

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