Malachi Reeves Family Bible

Malachi Reeves Family Bible

Malachi Reeves Family Bible


Malachi Reeves was married to Rhoda Owens March 1st. 1792.

B I R T H.
Malachi Reeves was born January 11th. 1771.
Rhoda Owens- Reeves his wife was born Feb.13-1764.

Rebecca Reeves Born Aug.17-1793 She died May 8th.1797.
James Reeves Born Oct.2-1796. He died May 1st.1797.
Elizabeth E.Reeves Born January I8th.1798.Died Nov.9-1839.
Beriah R.Reeves Born Dec.1st.1799.Died Oct.18-1843.
Joseph Henry Reeves Born Feb.28-1802. March 26th.1866.
Dianthe Reeves Born January 5th.1806.

Marriages of Children.
Dianthe Reeves married to Robert T. Barnett, November 13th.1827.
Joseph Henry Reeves was married to Narcissus Ivie Aug.20-1833.

Death of parents.
Malachi Reeves Died August 10th.1827.
Rhoda Owens-Reeves died Sept.7-1842.

"This Bible record was transferred from the Old Bible Record
of Malachi Reeves to his son, Joseph Reeves' Bible record and
therefore date of the original Bible publication is not known.

The First Owner was Malachi Reeves.
The 2nd Owner his son Joseph Reeves of Atlanta Ga.
The third Owner was Mrs Mary G. Stanton daughter of Joseph Reeves. of Rutledge Ga. Morgan Co.
The present Owner is Mrs. Octavia B. Haynore daughter of Mary B Reeves-Stanton of Rutledge Ga. Morgan Co.


Joseph Reeves son of Malachi and Rhoda Owens-Reeves was married to Narcissus Ivie on August 20th.1833.

Joseph Henry Reeves was born Feb.28th.1802.
Narsisa J.Ivie-Reeves was born Nov.18-1814.

Rhoda Mirah Reeves was born Sept. 18-1834.
Marcellus J. Reeves was born May 24th 1837.
Octavia E. Reeves was born Dec.20-1839.
Mary G. Reeves was born August 13th.1846.
Julia Alice Reeves was born July 26th.1849.

Joseph Henry Reeves Died March 26th, 1866.
Narsisa J. Reeves died Feb.22-1872.

Rhoda Mirah Reeves died Feb.22-1840.
Marcellus J. Reeves " Oct.5th.1838.
Octavia E. Reeves died Nov.27-1919.
Mary G. Reeves Died January 1st.1879.
Julia Alice Reeves Died May 13th.1927.

Octavia E. Reeves married to Thomas Fleming July 31st.1856.
Mary G. Reeves married to Marion Davis Stanton Nov.24th.1860

The Family of Marion Davis Stanton and Mary Glover Reeves
Marion Davis Stanton born June 21st.1844 Died Nov.13-1926.
Mary Glover Stanton Born Aug.13-1846 Died Jan.1-1879.

Births of children. Death.
Maude Mary Stanton Born Oct.12-1869. Died Aug.1-1876.
Tennie Julia Stanton was born July 1st.1871.D-Dec.23-1878.
Octavia Blanche Stanton was bornDec.29th.1875. (Owner of Bible)

Octavia B. Stanton married to Walter Wiley Haymore April 17-1897
(Mrs. W. W. Haymore says her Aunt Julia Alice Reeves was married to John Warner. The date she thinks was 1871.)

Walter W. Haymore born Jan.27-1876.
Octavia Blanch Stanton-Haymore born Dec.29-1875.

Births of Children.
Annie Lou Haymore was born Aug.17-1898.
Pauline Haymore was born Dec.10-1899.
Agnes Maude Haymore was born Nov.13-1901.
Wiley May Haymore was born April 10-1903.Died July 9-1905.
Bessie Eufalla Haymore was born Nov.25-1904 March 4-1926.
Walter Clair Haymore was born Oct.24-1906.
Jewell B. Haymore was born Oct.19-1908.
Nellie B. Haymore was born May 24th.1911.
Marian Lee Haymore was born Feb.18-1915.
Dana Stanton Haymore was born April 3rd.1918.
Orrin Guyn Haymore Eorn Oct.7th.1921.

Annie Lou Haymore was married to Joseph Henry Helms June 12t.1919.
Bessie Eufalla Haymore married to Ray E.Narvell Dec.1-1923,
Mary Pauline Haymore was married to William Wayne West on Dec.24th.1924.
Agnes Maude Haymore to James W. Robertson June 28th.1925.
Nellie B.Haymore was married to Harold E.Chester 0ct.15th. 1932.

This Bible was published By Jasper Harding of Philadelphia Pa. in the year 1849 and was purchased by JOSEPH HENRY REEVE of Atlanta Ga. who is the grand fr. of Mrs W. W. Haymore of Rutledge Ga. the present Owner. The second Owner was her mother Mary G.Reeves-Stanton. also of Rutledge,Ga.Morgan Co


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