Duplin Co., NC - 1770 Estate File of Hardy Reaves

1770 Summons - Hardy Reaves Estate

Summons - Hardy Reaves Estate

Estate File of Hardy Reaves
Duplin County, North Carolina
17 Oct 1770

We the unders Named being Summon’d by the Sheriff of the County of Duplin to Value one Horse The property of Hardy Reaves Taken by virtue of a F.F.¹ at the Sute (sic suit?) of Stephen Herring which Said horse said Value to Twenty Pounds procl. (proclamation money) Witness Our hands and Seals this 17th of October 1770 ~
The (indecipherable∗) was duly                             Jas Kenan (Seal)
Quallified by                                                Ow² Kenan (Seal)
           T. Routledge                                     (Indecipherable) Bell³

∗ This word is unclear in the original it has been perceived as both subjacens and subpoena which is most probable and in context.

¹F.F. is probably an abbreviation of the term Fieri Facias
²Signature is Ow but may be an abbreviation of the name Owen
³Name is unknown but appears to be Fred. O'C Bell or Belk
See original document attached.

Notes:     This is the only document in the 1770 Estate File of Hardy Reaves, but it is doubtful that this Hardy Reaves was deceased at the time it was executed. The reverse of the document has an appeal of the valuation of the horse handwritten and signed with Hardy Reaves mark (see attached). It is unknown whether this is another individual of unknown origin with the name Hardy, possibly the father of Hardy Reaves who died in Duplin County after 1800 or they are the same person.

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