Joseph Day Family Bible

Joseph Day Family Bible

Joseph Day Family Bible


Published 1842

Bible in possession of (blank)
Exhibited at the South Park Presbyterian Church, Newark, N. J. Sunday Dec. 10th 1939
Copied from the original Bible by Willard S Muchmore for the Genealogical Society of N. J.

New York
Printed by Daniel Tamhaw?
For the American Bible Society
Instituted in New York in the year 1816

David Reeve was married April 18 1838 to
Electa M Day [she died Feby 10 1863]

Joseph Day was born February 24th 1775
Mary his wife was born August 8th 1775

Their Issue
David B. Day was born September 1st 1800
Harriet L. Day was born May 15 1803
Susan C. Day was born February 25, 1805
Aaron S. Day was born November 15, 1809
Electa M. Day was born October 28th 1812
Mary B Day was born Jany 15th 1815
Henry P. Day was born July 24 1817

David Reeve was born March 5th 1813
Abby Louisa Reeve was born October 31st 1839
Mary Josephine Reeve was born June 24th 1843
Henrietta D. Reeve was born September 18th 1846
Adelaide Foster Reeve was born January 14 1852
Aaron Day Reeve was born Dec 5th 1854

Joseph Day deceased August 18th 1832
aged 58 years 5 months 22 days

Mary Day deceased January 27th 1837
aged 61 years 5 months 19 days

Susan C. Hedges died August 1849
aged 44 years 6 months

Aaron D. Day died March 1st 1854
aged 46 years 3 months

David B. Day Died May 17th 1854
aged 53 years 8 months 12 days


Genealogical Society of New Jersey Bible and Family Records Collection - Item 1.376