Halifax Co., VA Deed - Williams to George Reaves

1778 Deed - Luke Williams to George Reaves

Deed - Luke Williams to George Reaves

Halifax County, Virginia
Deed Book 11, p. 128
15 Oct 1778

THIS INDENTURE made this 15th day of October in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight BETWEEN Luke Williams of Halifax of the one part and George Reaves of the said County of the other part WITNESSETH that (additional “that” inserted above line ?) the said Luke Williams for an in consideration of the Sum of Twenty pounds Current Money of Vir(gini)a to him in hand paid by the said at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents hath given granted granted (sic) bargain’d and sold unto the aforesaid George Reaves one certain (tract) or parcel of Land lying being (inserted above line) in Halifax County on Court house branch and is bounded as followeth beginning at a small red oak corner in Curry’s line crossing the Court house branch thence to a crooked Spanish oak thence to ~ a small Box Oak sapling on a ridge thence to a small Box Oak sapling near the road thence to a branch in Currys line thence along to the first station and divided as followeth beging (sic) at at (sic) the former station and running to a small pine in the inclusive line the whole Land containing 150 acres 100 for Reaves and 50 for Morrison which said tract or parcel of Land with all and singular the Priviledges and appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining the said said (sic) George Reaves is to and shall hereby HAVE AND HOLD possess occupy and enjoy free from the claim Challenge or demand the said Luke Williams his Heirs assigns or from any person or persons claiming under or by virtue of any right formerly invested in him the said Luke Williams which hath by these presents aliened enfeoffed and confirm’d unto the said George Reives (sic) his Heirs and assigns forever the above Land and premises with all appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining IN WITNESS whereof the said Luke Williams hath hereunto set his hand and fixed his Seal the day and year above written ~

                                                                       Luke Williams (SS)

MEMORANDOM that on the day and year within written full quit and peaceable possession of Livery of seisen was given and made by the within named Luke Williams unto the said Geo. Reives (sic) according to full purport true intent and meaning of the within Indenture ~
Sign’d Seale’d and deliver’d
in presence of                                               Luke Williams (Seal)

At a Court held for Halifax County the 15th day of October 1778
This Indenture with the Memo and use of Livery of seisen hereon Indorsed between Luke William of the one part and George Reaves of the other were by the said Luke acknowledged to be his several acts and Deed and the same was ordered to be Recorded and Catherine the wife of the said Luke (who being first privately examined according to Law) did freely and voluntarily relinquish all right of Dower in and to the Land premises consigned by this Indenture.
                                             Geo. Carrington C.H.C.

         Truly recorded
                                             Geo. Carrington C.H.C.

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