1779 Deed - Peter Bankston to Isaac Reeves

Deed – Peter Bankston to Isaac Reeves

Caswell County, North Carolina
Deed Book A, pg 195
1 Jan 1779


THIS INDENTURE Made this first day of January in the Year of our Lord, one Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy nine between Peter Bankston of the County of Anson in the state of North Carolina of the one part and Isaac Reeves of the County of Caswell of State aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Peter Bankston for & in Consideration of the sum of Eighty pounds proclamation Money to him in hand paid by the said Isaac Reeves the Receipt whereof the said Peter Bankston doth hereby acknowledge and himself fully satisfied & paid Hath Given, Granted, bargained & Sold and by these presents do Give, Grant, bargain and Sell unto the said Isaac Reeves one Certon (sic) Tract of parcel of Land Situate lying and being on (struck through in original) Which he the said Peter Bankston purchased from his Father Lawrance Bankston, which he Purchsed from Earl Granville, the Original Dated January 23rd, 1761 and Containing in the Whole one Hundred and fifty acres (be the same More or less) situate Lying at the East and West North side line of North Hico and thence West to the Corner, Thence Down to the Borrings line, Thence to the Mouth of the dry branch, Thence Down to the begining, Taking in all Land in of the Antien (?) Save on the West side before Borrings land Containing one Hundred & Fifty acres be the same More or less with all and Singular its appurtenances Together with all Ways, Waters, Water courses Profits Comodities (sic), Hereditaments of in and to the said Tract or parcel of Land belonging or any ways appertaining to the only proper use & behoof of the said Isaac Reeves his Heirs and assigns, & the said Peter Bankston for himself and his Heirs the said tract or parcel of land Shall & Will warrant and for ever Defend unto the Said Isaac Reeves his Heirs & assigns for ever In Witness whereof the said Peter Bankston do hereunto Set his hand and affixed his Seal the day and year first above written –
Signed Sealed & delivered
In presence of                                                                                                                     Peter Bankston (Seal)
Samuel + Kelly
Sarah + Stafford (Jurat)


Caswell County NC Deed Book A pg 195, online scanned originals at Family Search

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