Adonijah Reeves Family Bible

Adonijah Reeves Family Bible

Adonijah Reeves Family Bible


This Bible was in the possession of the late John Woolson Reeves of Cape May, who kindly lent it to the Rector of the Church of the Advent for examination.
Printed at Edinburgh by Alexander Kincaid 1765.
The record of Adonijah Reeves, brother of the grandfather of John Woolson Reeves is as follows:

February the 2 day I was married to Mary Bellengy, 1781.
Aaron Reeves was born October the 25th day, 1781.
James Reeves was born June the 13th day 1787.
Reuben Bellengy was born September the 10, 1778.
November the 20th Day 1789 Poly Reeves died.

April the First day 1777 I was married to Moly Jollifer.
April the 15 day Moly Reeves deceased.

November the 18 day 1790 I was married to Drusila Hand.
July the 1 day Jere Reeves was born. Jere Reeves deceased October the first day 1791.
Poly Reeves was born November the 3 day 1793.
Ruth the daughter of Adonijah and Drusila Reeves was born on the 5th day of October 1797 (written in another hand)
Adonijah Reeves departed this life February the 8 day in the year of our Lord 1798.


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