Maraba Reeve Family Bible

Maraba Reeve Family Bible

Maraba Reeve Family Bible


Written 1927

A Reeve family all born in Chester N.J.
The following are the family names I copeed from a family Bible now owned by Miss Mary Elizabeth Reeve of Chester N.J. my wifes sister

Rachel T Reeve Born April 9 1782
Maraba Reeve Born May 8 1784
Jemimah Reeve Born Mar 24 1786
Stephen Reeve Born Feb 24 1788
Fenwick Taylor Reeve Born Feb 1 1790
Mary Reeve Born Dec 1 1791
Charles Reeve Born Nov 5 1793
Clarisea Reeve Born Oct 12 1795
Elizabeth Reeve Born July 2 1797

This Rachel died Mar 17 1798
+ note the wifes name was Taylor I failed to find the fathers name
This F Taylor R was Nelsons father your great grandFather


Copy obtained from Julie Markham who obtained it from Barbara Dabinett