William J. Donaldson Bible

William J. Donaldson Family Bible

William J. Donaldson Bible


Bible was published by American Bible Society, New York, 1851.


Wm L Donaldson and Nutty L Reeve was Married Nove the 20th 1857
birth of J W Reeve children
Henrtta was born Dec the 8th 1813
Gaberila was born Dec 13 1814
A W Reeve was born July 1 1816
S R Reeve born Dec the 20 1817
Sa M born Oc 1819
Twins was born March 1823
Polly M Reeve was born Aug the 19 1821
Delila E Reeve was born Apr the 14 1824
Nancy J Reeve was born ?
2 wife Sara Childers as born Sept 1799
Mahala J. Reeve was born May the 24 1833

Wm J Donaldson was born Oct the 12th 1826
Nutty L Reeve was born Jan the 19th 1826

James W. Donaldson was born Sept the 23d 1852

Nancy L Donaldson was born Nober the 15th 1854
Florie L Donaldson was born Sept the 26th 1856
John Calhoun Donaldson was born November the 19th 1859
John C Donaldson departed this life

my father Wm Donaldson Died the 28 day of Jan 1833(?) Age 49 y 2 w 8 day
Mother Sarah Donaldson Died Aprill the 17th 1849 Age 62 years 5 moths and 22 days
Ja W Reeve Died May the 8 1852
Delia E Goodwin Departed this life on Teusday 6th Oct 1851
Sa M Reeve Departed this life Aprill 16 1824
the twins departed this life March 1823

fath J W Reeve was born Dec the 6th 1792
Nancy Mitchel was born Feb the 1st 1792
was married Jan 21
1813 - Nancy Departed this
life Jan 22d 1831
Jas W Reeve Departed this life
May the 8th 1852

James W Donaldson departed this life Oct the 10 1833

J W R sons
W J C Reeve was born May the 1 1835
J M Reeve was born Nove the 16 1836

Nutty L Donaldson the wife of William J Donaldson departed this life November 23d 1859


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