Cumberland Co., NC 1793 Inventory - Estate of Nathaniel Reeves

1793 Estate Inventory - Nathaniel Reeves

Inventory of Estate of Nathaniel Reeves

North Carolina Estate Files, 1663-1964
Cumberland County, NC

Inventory of the estate of Nathaniel Reeves moveable property was filed by Wm. G. McDaniel, executor, July 1793. The inventory contained a list of personal property is not transcribed here, but it also included the following notes due Nathaniel Reeves.

Zachariah Butler    Due March 5, 1792
Sherwood Forts      Due August 1, 1792
Thomas Howells     Due June 11, 1792
Edward Alsobrook     Due December 25, 1791
Issac Dukemencer  Due march 15, 1786
John Newbery        Due February 4, 1786

Recorded January 1793


Estate File of Nathaniel Reeves at Family Search

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