Willis Long Reeves Family Bible

Willis Long Reeves Family Bible

Willis Long Reeves Family Bible


Willis Long Reeves Family Bible
Shared by Sarah Moore Dodd

Haden Edwards m. Susan Beall

Tabitha Beall Edwards, born 1794 Kentucky, died 1829 Louisiana
John Hubbel Edwards, born 4 April 1799 Kentucky, died 1849 Mexico [16 August 1847]
William Hubbel Edwards born 20 May 1800 Kentucky, died 1819 N. C.
Asa Beall Edwards born 3 July 1802 Kentucky, died 1833 N. C.
Susan W. Edwards born 1804 Ketucky, died 11 Dec 1891
Margaret Henry Edwards born 30 Jan 1803, died 7 Feb. 1849
Thomas Jefferson Edwards born 27 September 1806 Kentucky, died 1808 Georgia
James Madison Edwards born April 1808 Kentucky, died 1808 Kentucky
Elizabeth Turner Edwards born 10 May 1809 Kentucky, died Ohio
Jane Beall Edwards born 12 February 1812 Virginia, died N. Y. City
Haden H. Edwards born 1813 Virginia, died 17 August 1865 Ohio
Joshua Edwards born 11 March 1815 Virginia, died 1817 (twin)
George W. Edwards born 11 March 1815 Virginia, died 1820 (twin)

Margaret Henry Edwards married 4 March 1819 Carter Henry Harrison [b. 20 September 1798, died 19 June 1829]

Susan Elizabeth Harrison born 8 June 1820 died
Thomas Barclay Harrison born 11 Nov. 1822, died after 1891 Logan Co., KY
William Edwards Harrison born 29 July 1824, died Logan Co., KY
Mary Barclay Harrison born 20 April 1826, died Nacogdoches, TX
Carter H. Harrison, Jr. born 20 March 1828, died
Carter Henry Harrison and Margaret Henry Edwards married in Logan County, Kentucky, Russellville, on March 4, 1819
Willis Reeves and Margaret Henry Harrison married in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky on Thursday, November 18, 1830
William M. F. Caldwell and Susan Elizabeth Harrison married in Todd County, Elkton, Kentucky May 16, 1836

Carter Henry Harrison departed this life at Natchitoches, La. June 19, 1829 after an illness of 3 days.
Martha Park Reeves (daughter of Willis long Reeves/Margaret Edwards Harrison) departed this life March 16, 1833
Infant son of Willis L. Reeves and Margaret N. Reeves departed this life Feb. 4, 1840
Margaret H. Reeves, consort of Willis L. Reeves, departed this life Friday AM Feb 7, 1840 at half past one o'clock after an illness of 13 days. [note date of 1849 on first page]

Margaret Henry Edwards was born Jan. 30, 1803
Carter Henry Harrison was born at Clifton, Va. Sept. 20, 1798
Carter Henry Harrison was born in Natchitoches, La. March 2, 1828
Elizabeth Harrison born in Logan Co., KY June 8, 1820 at 10 o'clock p. m.
Thomas Barkley Harrison born at Oakley, Logan Co., KY Nov. 11, 1822 5 p.m.
William Edwards Harrison born at Oakley, Logan Co., KY July 29, 1824
Mary Barkley Harrison was born at Nacogdoches, Province, Texas, April 20, 1826

Following are children of Willis & Margaret Reeves:
Martha Park Reeves born on Friday a.m. Sep. 2, 1831 at 8 o'clock a.m.
Willis Brewer Reeves born on Monday, June 19, 1825 at 8 a.m. [TRP note: actually 1835]
Haden Edwards Reeves born April 27, 1838 at 8 p.m.
Infant of Willis and Margaret Reeves born Feb. 4, 1840


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