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Reeves-Blackman Family Bible Records

Reeves - Blackman Family Bible Records

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Mrs. Ella Ulmer - 609 49th Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi
Daughter of William S. Blackman


1st page

W. S. Blackman and S. A. McAlister was married Dec. the 11th A.D. 1879

2nd page

Nancy Reeves was born Nov. the 7 A D 1795
Jane Reeves was born July 31st AD 1828
Elizabeth Reeves was born Oct the 4 AD 1818
William Reeves was born Aug. 23 AD 1820
William S. Blackman was born Sept. 12 AD 1846
Sarah Reeves was born Decr. the 16 AD 1822
S. A. McAlister was born Apr. the 6th AD 1863
Susanna Isabella Jane Reeves was born Decr. 21st
J. J. Blackman was born Nov the 20th AD 1880
W. G. Blackman was born Dec. the 22nd AD 1882

3rd page

M. E. J. Blackman was born June the 16 AD 1885
S. V. Blackman was born July 11th A.D. 1888
A. M. Blackman was born Sept. 30th 1891

Nancy Reeves departed this life Aug. the 8th 1874
Elizabeth Reeves department this life Dec. the 23rd 1886
John Reeves departed this life Aug. the 4rd 1840
Susanna Isabella Jane Reeves departed this life Sept. 30th 1850
William Reeves departed this life July 20th 1863
Jane Brown departed this life Nov. 20th 1863

4th page

W. G. Blackman departed this life Oct. the 19, AD 1884
J. M. McAllister departed this life Jan. the 17, 1901
S. A. Blackman departed this life Sept. the 7th 1895
W. S. Blackman departed this life June 4th, 1922
A. M. Blackman department this life departed this life Dec. 5th 1922


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