Reeves, Harrison and Edwards Bible

Reeves, Harrison, Edwards Family Bible

Reeves, Harrison and Edwards Bible


Original owner Willis L. Reeves.
Present owner, Mrs. J. H. Johnson, Andalusa, Ala.
copied by Mrs. J.Wells Vick, Russellville, Ky.

Carter Henry Harrison and Margaret Henry Edwards mar. in Logan Co. Ky, Russellville on 4th of March 1819
Willis Reeves and Margaret Henry Harrison in Russellville Logan Co. on Thursday Nov. 18, 1830
William M. F. Caldwell and Susan Elizabeth Harrison married in Todd Co. Elkton May 16, 1836.
George L. Edwards mar. Margaret Wilson Connelly at Pembroke, in Christian Co. March 14, 1839
Willis L. Reeves and Lizzie C. Weathers mar. March 19, 1877
Willis L. Reeves and Susan E. Phillips mar. Nov. 13, 1823
Willis L. Reeves and Caroline M. Connelly mar. in Logan Co. Nov. 12, 1840
James B. Connelly and Caroline M. Wilson mar. in Logan Co. Nov. 14, 1822
Willis L. Reeves and Emily Carr mar. in Elkton, Todd Co. Nov. 19, 1856

Margaret Henry Edwards was born Jan. 30, 1803
Susan E. Phillips was born April 16, 1804 in Paris, Bourbon Co., Ky.
Carter Henry Harrison was born at Clifton, Va. Sept. 20, 1798
Caroline Margaret Wilson born Logan Co. Aug. 12, 1806
Roxie Gray Reeves born Nov. 9, 1879
Caroline Wilson Reeves born April 26, 1881
Lizzie C. Reeves born Oct. l, 1855
Elizabeth Harrison born in Logan Co. June 8, 1820 at 10 0'clock P.M.
Thomas Bradley Harrison born at Oakley, Logan Co. Nov.11, 1822 at 5 O'clock P.M.
William Edwards Harrison born at Oakley, Logan Co. July 29, 1824.
Mary Barkley Harrison was born at Nascoghoches Province, Tex. April 20, 1826
Carter Henry Harrison was born in Natchidoches, La. March 2, 1828.
William Reeves was born in Todd Co. near Elkton Tuesday A. M. Sept. 7, 1824 at Sunside.
Albert Reeves born Dec 7, 1826 at 3 O'clock P.M. in Todd Co. on Thursday.
Douglass Reeves born Saturday Aug. 1828 at 8 O'clock A.M.
Martha Park Reeves born on Friday A.M. Sept. 2, 1831 at 8 O'clock A.M.
Willis Brewer Reeves born on Monday June 19, 1835 at 8 P.M.
Haden Edwards Reeves born April 27, 1938 [TRP 1838] at 8 P.M.
Infant of William and Margaret Reeves born Feb. 4, 1840

Susan E. Reeves departed this life Tues. Apr. 21, 1829 at 11 0'clock A.M. after an illness of 6 months.
Carter Henry Harrison departed this life at Natchitoches, La. June 19, 1829 after an illness of three days.
Martha Park Reeves departed this life March 16, 1833
Infant son of Willis L. Reeves and Margaret H. Reeves departed this life Feb, 4,1840
Margaret H. Reeves, consort of Willis L. Reeves, departed this life Friday A.M. Feb. 7, 1840 at half past one o'clock after an illness of thirteen days.
Albert Reeves departed this life Friday June 18, 1847, a sinccere Christian; was at 11 A.M. after an illness of seven months.
Caroline M. Reeves departed this life Wednesday March 28, 1848 at 1 o'clock A.M. after an illness of two days.
William Reeves departed this life, a sincere Christian in the triumph of faith Wed. 9th of June 1852 at 6 A.M. after an illness of six months.
Willis L. Reeves, Jr. died May 25, 1904 at 7 o'clock A.M. at Dawson Springs in Hopkins Co. Ky.


Logan Co., KY Bible and Cemetery Records - Presented by the Russellville DAR, Chapt. Compiled by Mrs. J. Wells Vick, Russellville, Ky., p3
Tennessee State Library and Archives - Bible Records