Wake Co., NC Court Minutes, Book V, 1801 to 1803

Wake Co., NC Court Minutes Book V, 1801-1803

Wake County Court Minutes Book V, 1801 to 1803

February 1801 Court
Seven Setts of the Acts of Congress having been allowed to the Justices of Wake County for the benefit of the County under a resolution of Congress, and the said Justices having classed themselves into six classes for the purpose of assigning to each Class one sett of said Books, the following Justices were drawn by ballot each to keep and preserve one sett thereof in the said County for the use and benefit of himself and the other Justices in his said Class, towit: Nathaniel Jones (WP), William Reeves, William High, John Hogg, Solomon Rogers and Walter Rand. The seventh sett being deposited in this Office for the use of the Court.

May 1801 Court
Issued. Ordered that Major Holloway be Overseer of the road in the room of Charles Reeves on the road from the fishdam ford to the County line of Orange, and that all the hands convenient as usual work thereon.

A Deed from Samuel Reeves (sic Reavis) to Samuel Roan was proved by the Oath of John Lowry witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered.

August 1801 Court
Issd. Ordered that John Alston Jr. be appointed Overseer of the road in the room of Chares Reaves and that the same hands work on said road as Usual.

February 1802 Court
Ordered that Arthur Reeves be bound an Apprentice to Christopher Christophers to learn the Art and mistery of a Shoemaker untill he arrives to the age of twenty one years old, who at this time is about eleven years old.

August 1802 Court
The Court consisting of a majority of the Justices of the County proceeded to the election of a Clerk when Simon Turner esqr. Was duly elected to that office who entered into two Bonds in the Sum of two thousand pound each with Security and qualified agreeable to Law. The Justices present composing said court are Augustus B. Turner, John Humphries, Matthew McCullers, Solomon Rogers, Edward Pride, David Justice, John Rogers, William Hinton, Walter Rand, Isaac McCallum, John G. Rencher, Tignal Jones, Nath. Jones (WP), Ransom Sutherland, William Barham, Charles Kennon, Aaron Sugg, John Hinton, John Whitaker, Bennet Bodie, Wm. Reeves, Natl. Jones (CT), John Martin, Wm. Armstrong, Wm. High, John Hogg, Esquires.


Wake County, North Carolina County Court Minutes Book V, 1801 to 1803
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