Mason Co., KY - 1805 Deed, John Biggers to Austin Reeve

1805 Deed - John Biggers to Austin Reeve

Deed - John Biggers to Austin Reeve

Mason County, Kentucky
Deed Book A-C, p. 478-480
7 Dec 1805

This Indenture made this seventh Day of December in the year one Thousand Eight Hundred and five Between John Biggers of Clarke county and Commonwealth of Kentucky on the one part, and Astin Reeve of Mason County and State aforesaid of the other part - Witnesseth, that he the said John Biggers for and in consideration of the sum of one Hundred Dollars, the receipt whereof he the said John Biggers doth hereby Acknowledge, and forever acquit and discharge, the said Astin Reeve, and also all and singular the Heirs of said Astin Reeve, have granted, Bargained, and sold, confirm, to the said Astin Reeve A certain tract or parcel of land situate and lying on the waters of Clarkes run in Maxwels preemption and County aforesaid, Containing Thirty acres of Land more or Less, Bounded as follows Viz, Begining at two white Oaks and a small sugar tree, the South west corner of Thomas Maxwells preemption, thence North three west, with the west line of said preemption, one Hundred and sixty poles to a stake in said line, thence East Thirty poles, to a stake, thence south thence East, one Hundred, and sixty poles, thence north Eighty seven East to a hackberry and small hickory in Mortons west line, thence south to rune such a distance that a due west course will strike the Begining namely two White Oaks and a small sugartree - To have and to hold the above Described premises hereby conveyed with all and singular the appurtenances and privileges thereunto belonging to him the said Austen Reeve, and the said John Biggers, his Heirs Executors and Administrators, do covenant promise, agree to and with the said Astin Reeve, his Heirs Executors and Administrators, and by these presents, that he the said John Biggers has full right and Lawfull authority, to sell and dispose of the same, and that the premises are free from all incumbrances, whatsoever and the said John Biggers, his Heirs and Assigns, do covenant to and with, Astin Reeve, and his Heirs aforesaid, that he the said John Biggers, will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid Premises, to the said Astin Reeve and his Heirs, against the claims of any person, or persons Claiming by or under him or his Heirs or Assigns, and no other, But in case the said Land should be lost by any other Claim, the said John Biggers is to Refund the purchase Money only, without intres, to the said Astin Reeve, his Heirs or Assigns, In Witness whereof he the said John Biggers hath hereunto set his Hands and Affixed his seal the Day and year above Written
sign’d seald and delivered                                     John Bigger (Seal)
In presence of
Mason Circuit Sct.
I Francis Taylor Clerk of the Court of the Circuit aforesaid do certify that this Indenture from John Biggers to Austin Reeve was this day produced before me acknowledged by the said John Biggers a party thereto and is duly recorded in my Office. Given under my hand this twenty first day of December 1805.
                                                                        Francis Taylor

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