Eustace H. R. Reeves Family Bible

Eustace H. R. Reeves Family Bible

Eustace H. R. Reeves Family Bible


Owned by Bobby C. Smith of Thomaston, GA at time of transcription.


Eustace H. R. Reeves, was born December 10th 1807.
Elizabeth E. Mann, was born December 18th 1814
Jeremiah B. W. Reeves, was born May 19th 1838
Nancy L. A. Reeves, was born December 30th 1839.
Francis J. B. Reeves, was born December 27th 1841.
Sarah E. E. Reeves, was born January 1st 1844
Eustace H. R. Reeves, was born December 1st 1845
John A. J. Reeves, was bom September 28th 1847
James W. T. Reeves, was born May 18th 1849
William T. G. Reeves, was born July 27th 1851
Georgia A. Reeves was born September 5th 1853
Texas A. B. Reeves, was born February 2nd 1856
Sarah Francis Trice was born 23rd of Feb 1859
James Howard Trice was born 28th of Aug. 1860
Mary Jane Trice was bom 8th of June 1862
Thomas Benjamin Trice was born 19th of Oct 1866
Robbert Gibson Trice was born 5th of March 1870
Nancy Emery Trice was born 9th of December 1872
John William Trice was bom 31th of October 1876
Iva Trice was born 8th of March 1882

Eustace H. R. Reeves & Elizabeth E. Mann was married February 19th 1837
William B. Trice & Nancy L. A. Reeves, was married February 12th 1857
John W. Moore & Sarah E. E. Reeves, was married July 6th 1865
Francis J. B. Reeves & Susannah Moore, was married December 20th 1865
Jeremiah B. W. Reeves & Mrs. Lebirtha E. Smith was married November 1st 1866
William F. Nilson & Georgia A. Reeves, was married Dec. 9th 1869
Sidney N. Turner and Sarah F. Trice was married 15th Jan 1878
James H. Trice and Ella Stewart was married 30th of Nov 1880
Sidney Th(?) Baurose(?) and Mary J. Trice was married 27th of Oct 1881

John A. J. Reeves, Died November 15th 1850
Eustace H. R. Reeves Died Oct 19th 1864
Eustace H. R. Reeves died July 4th 1886
Elizabeth E. Reeves Died 7th of March 1893(?)
E. E. Moore Died the 4th of Oct. 1893(?)
W. G. Reeves died the 24th April 1904
Mrs. Texas A. Furgeson died 12th of Feb 1914
Mr. F. J. Reeves died 30 Apr 1915
Mrs. S. F. Turner died the 17th March 1897
Mrs. Bessie Trice died 10th of Feb. 1903
R. G. Trice died 19th of Sept 1905
Wm B. Trice died 2nd of February 1911
Thomas B. Trice died 3th(?) of July 1923
Mrs. L. A. Trice died on Wed. Oct 12, 1927


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