1807 Will of Waters Dunn, Jr.

1807 Will - Waters Dunn, Jr.

1807 Will of Waters Dunn, Jr.


Registered August 14th 1808,
Georgia                      }        
Columbia County     }        
In the name of God, Amen. I Waters Dunn Senr. being of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the certainty of death and the uncertainty of time have made this, my last will and testament in manner and form as follows to Wit first, I give my Soul to almighty God and my body to be burry'd by my Executors.

I lend unto my beloved Wife, Winny all that Trac or parcel of land whereon I now live during her Widowhood.

It is Also my Will that my two youngest children Alfred Jefferson and Elbert Baldwin is to have the privilege of remaining on and being maintained on the Aforesaid land and their Negroes hereafter given them until they become of lawful age or marry. I give unto my sons Alfred Jefferson and Elbert Baldwin after the intermarriage or death of my Wife the aforesaid Trac or parcel of land to them their heirs forever and to be equally divided between them, Be beginning at the Porimmons Corner on the line between Said land and James Reed land near my Gate and running Such a direction as to divide the land into two equal parcels the one which my present Buck house now stands is for my son, Albert Baldwin and the other part is for my son Alfred Jefferson to them and their heirs forever.

I also give to my son Waters and my son George Washington the Trac of Whereon my son Waters now lives them and their heirs forever to be equally divided by running a line, through said tract to make it equal in number of Acres, my son Waters is to have that part on which he now lives. I also desire that my son Waters may have the privilege of having the Tract divided as Soon as he wishes in order to improve his part.

I give and devise to my Daughter Elizabeth all that tract of land which I was living in Baldwin County in the fifth district to her and her heirs forever.

All my other lands I wish sold by my Executors and the money which it is sold for to be divided between my Wife and Children.

I give unto my beloved wife, Winny four Negroes to Wit Polly and her children Cicero, Ralph and William to her and her heirs forever.

I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth five negroes to Wit Patty and her three children, Charlotte, Clary and Peter, with my boy, Sam. It is to be understood that the boy Sam is given to my daughter Elizabeth in exchange for her girl Milly. But if Said boy Sam is appraised to more than Milly She is to pay the difference to my Son Alfred.

I also give unto my son, George Washington four Negroes to wit Jacob, Hannah, Dice and her Child Simon unto him and his heirs forever.

I give unto my son Alfred Jefferson three Negroes to Wit Harriet and her two children Milley, and John to him and his heirs forever.

I give unto my Son Elbert Baldwin, Winney and her three children, to Wit Dick, Robin and Tom to him and his heirs forever. It is understood that the Negroes given to my two sons Alfred Jefferson and Elbert Baldwin to be worked on the Plantation loaned to my wife and two sons last mentioned until my Said Sons come of lawful age or Marry and the use of there Negroes is to go to the Schooling and raising of Said children and Should there be a Surplus that the two youngest children shall have one half. It is also to be understood that each legatee is to receive their Legacy Agreeable to the Appraisement.

Those that gets the Most Valuable legacies are to make those of Less Value equal to those by paying the difference.

I give unto my Wife her first Choice of Beds and furniture.

I also give unto my Daughter Elizabeth the next choice of Beds and furniture. I also give my daughter one bay mare three years old and Saddle and Beauroe.

I also give my two Sons Alfred Jefferson and Elbert Baldwin each of them one bed and furniture.

I also give my son George Washington one bed furniture.

It is my desire the above property shall be given out as the children marry or come of age.

I also leave it discretionally, with my Executors to work the Negroes.

I give my son George on this place or on land I give him whichever They Think proper.

All the balance of my household, and and Kitchen furniture and Stock of all Kind I give unto my Wife to be given to my Children at her discretion.

I do also Appoint my Wfe, my Executrix during her widowhood and my son Waters and my son George Washington at the age of 18, my executors of this, my last will and testament. As witness where of I have hereunto set my hand this ninth of November 1807. - (notation of words stricken before signing)

Test.                                                                                                   Waters Dunn {seal}
John briscoe.
Caha x Briscoe
Geo A Brown

Georgia        }         John and Catherine Briscoe
Columbia     }         two of the Subscribing Witnesses
to the aforesaid instrument of writing after being Sworn on the Gospels of Almighty God Saith they Saw Waters Dunn in life Subscrribe and acknowledge the Same as his last Will and testament and that George A Brown was present & Subscribed the same as a Witness thereto and that they believe the testator was of Sound mind and disposing Memory and were by him acquited to Subscribe the Same as Witnesses with the said George A. Brown John Briscoe
Sworn to in open Court 1st Augt. 1808                              Cath.a (her X mark) Briscoe
                                                                                                                        A. Crawford, Clk.


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Will Book H, pgs 144-148 Columbia County, Georgia. Original Will Book and document online at Family Search.

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