Dinwiddie Co., VA - Thomas Rives Family Bible

Thomas Rives Family Bible

Thomas Rives Family Bible


Transcription mentions that the Bible was owned by Robert T. Rives, 1894 until the time of the transcription (1937).


Marriages: Thomas Rives and Frances Thweatt, the 14th Dec. 1809.
Robert F. Rives and Harriett E. Rives married 3rd of February 1829.
Robert C. Rives and Annie E. King, 28th of January 1835.
James T. Doyle and Mary K. Rives married 18th of February 1856.
John T. Crittenden and Hattie P. Rives were married 28th November 1860.

Births: Thomas Rives was born November 3rd 1782.
Frances S. Rives was born February 1st 1789.
Harriett E. Rives was born February 3rd 1811.
Robert C. Rives was born May 20th 1814.
Hugh Rives son of Robert and Ann E. Rives was born 29th of January 1836.
Virgel A. Rives, son of Robert and Ann E. Rives was born the 14th of March 1837.
Thomas F. Rives son of Robert C. and Ann E. Rives was born March 18th 1839.
Mary K. Rives was born August 8th 1841.
Harriett P. Rives was born May 4th 1843.
Emma Alice Rives, born April 28th 1845.
Martha Rebecca Iola Rives was born November 14th 1846.
J. W. Rives was born Dec. 29th 1848.
Mary E. Rives was born August 12th 1852.
Charles M. Rives was born 3rd of April 1855.
Ann Eliza Virginia Rives was born December 26th 1858.
Robert T. Rives was born April 19th 1862.


WPA Dinwiddie County, VA Bible Records - Library of Virginia