Ephraim Reeves Family Bible

Ephraim Reeves Family Bible

Ephraim Reeves Family Bible


This Bible is presently owned by Judy Kearns. The following transcription was made by Virginia Covalt and is available on her Ancestry.com tree.


Page 1, front:
"Family Record"
The second child, Elizabeth Reeves was born October the 7th, 1809.
The third child, Isaac Reeves was born March the 16th, 1811.
The fourth child, Joseph Reeves was born July 27, 1812.
The fifth child, Ephriam Reeves was born March the 18th, 1814.
The sixth child, John Reeves, was born May 1st, 1815.
The seventh child, Peggy Ann Reeves was born December 19th, 1816.
The eighth child, Thomas Reeves was born June 16th, 1818.
Ephriam Reeves and Nancy Hull were married on October the third, 1839.
Their first child, John Walter Reeves was born July 28th, 1840.
The second child, Nathan Thomas Reeves was born January 8th, 1842.

Page 1, back:
The third child, David Matthias Reeves was born April 24th, 1843.
The fourth child, William Henry Reeves, was born July 6, 1844.
The fifth child, Mary Margaret Reeves, was born Jun 10th, 1847.
The sixth child, Irena Charlotte Reeves was born May 6th 1849.
The seventh child, Harriet Luiza Reeves was born April 12th, 1851.
The eighth child, Sarah Ann Reeves was born February 11, 1853.
The 9th child, Emilia Jane Reeves was born May 2, 1855.
The 10th child, Ephriam George Washington Reeves was born February 25, 1857.
The 11th child, Joseph Oren Reeves was born July 2nd, 1859.
The 12th child, Eva Aldora Reeves was born October 19th, 1861.
The 13th child, Ellen Selina Grace Reeves was born August 8th, 1864.

Page 2, front:
Ephriam George Washington Reeves, the tenth child of Ephriam and Nancy Reeves, died September 15, 1859.
David Matthias Reeves died May 27th, 1862 aged 19 years, 1 month and 3 days.
Emilia Jane Reeves died April 20th, 1879 aged 23 years, 11 months and 3 days.
William Henry Reeves died January 21st, 1906 aged 61 years, 6 months and 15 days.
Nathan Thomas Reeves died Aug. 3, 1896 age 54 yrs. 5 months and 25 days.
John Walter Reeves died April 22, 1907 age 66 yrs. 7 mo. and 28 days.


"Reeves Tree, VA>IN>IL>KS" Ancestry Tree by VCovalt (Virginia Covalt)