1811 Deed of Trust - Wiley Reeves & William Reeves, Jr.

1811 Deed of Trust - Wiley & William Reeves, Jr.

York District, South Carolina
Deed Book G, Page 423
25 Mar 1811

Know all men these presents that whereas Thomas Robertson has this day executed a deed of conveyance to Zardok Darby for which said Thomas Robertson received four hundred dollars and the said Thomas Robertson executed only a Special Warrant to the Said Land today the said Thomas Robertson only warranted the said land against himself and his Heirs and against every other person claiming under him or his heirs Now know all men that William Reeves and Wiley Reeves both of Said State and District for the better securing the Said Land unto the said Zadok Darby do hereby engage to warrant and defend the said Land unto the said Zadok Darby against all persons whomsoever have fully claiming or to claim he same or any part thereof the said Land as situate lying and bing in the State and District aforesaid on the South Side of Mill Creek and he west side of the Catawba River and bounded as follows: Beginning at a White Oak Joseph Bigger third corner turning thence...In witness whereof we have hereunto affixed our names and seal this 25th March 1811.

Signed, Sealed and Acknowledged
In Presence of
John Bates Senior                                    William Reeves Junior
Robert Clendenson                                  Willey Reeves

Recorded April 18, 1811

Transcription by Richard Reeves

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