1811 - Fannie Reeves to Andrew Boyd

Andrew Boyd Married Fannie Reeves

Andrew Boyd & Fannie Reeves27th Sept'r 1811See annotations below

The index found in this marriage book has been modified. The original index entry appears to read “Boyd, J”. The initial has been crossed out and the name “Andrew” inserted in a different handwriting.

The bride’s entry appears to read “Faney Rivers”. An apparent attempt was made to change the letters of the first name by writing over them. In addition, both the first and surname were crossed out and the name “Fannie Reeves” inserted in a different handwriting. A third handwriting printed the surname “Reeves”, possibly because the written version was not considered clear enough.

The actual entry in the marriage book appears to read “Andrew Boy” and “Fan__ Reeves”. A note on the page in a different handwriting reads “Probably Andrew Boyd to Fannie Reeves”. As in the index, a third handwriting in found printing the surname “Reeves”.

Note: The date in the original marriage book is 1811 and the marriage is recorded among other 1811 marriages. See attached.

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Jackson County, GA, Court of Ordinary, Marriage Book A, B. C, 1805-1861, Family History Center microfilm 0325652.
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