Jackson Co., GA - 1815 Land Warrant, Thomas Reeves

1815 Warrant for Thomas Reeves-100 Acres

1816 Land Warrant - Thomas Reeves (100 Acres)

Jackson County

By a court of Justices for Said County

To Joseph T. Cunningham Surveyor for said County you are hereby authorized & required to lay out & admeasure or cause to be laid out & admeasured unto Thomas Reeves who Resides in this State a Tract of Land which shall contain one hundred Acres on part of his family headright.

Taking Special care that the same has not heretofore been laid out to any other person or persons and you are hereby also directed and Required to Record a Plat of the same in your Office and Transmit a Copy thereof, together with this warrant, to the Surveyor General within the term of two year from this date given under our hands as Justices of the said Court this 4th of September 1815.

David Witt J.J.C.
Geo. N. Syles J.J.C.
Hezekiah Gates J.J.C.

Wm. Pentecost Clk

Source: Surveyor General Headright Land Grant Records, Headright and Bounty Documents, 1783-1909, Georgia Archives
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