1817 Will - Ezra Reeve

1817 Will - Ezra Reeve

1817 Will - Ezra Reeve

Hampden County, Massachusetts Probate Files
Ezra Reeve Probate File


In the name of God amen
I Ezra Reeve of Holland County of Hamden Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Clerk - being of a week and frail body but by the blessings of God of a sound mind and memory - yet calling to mind my own mortallity I have thought it my duty to set my house on order and signify my will in regard of my self and Children -
1st I commit my soul in to the hands of God who gave it and my body to the dust to be buried in a decent and plain manner - and touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased a holy God to bestow upon me - it is my will it should be disposed of in the following manner (viz)
2nd it is my will that all my just debts should be justly and honestly paid it is my will that whatever is due my be collected and it is my will
3d that all my lands west of the road or highway that goes by the house where I now live (except two pieces or parcels of land which may be hereafter mentioned) should be sold at the descretion of my execturos hereafter named and whatever may remain after my debts are paid shall be equally divided between my children Benjamin Mehetable and Joseph or their heirs
4th my Son Ezra having been deranged in his mental powers lived with me between two and three years I asked for no compensation for my trouble (except a bill should be brought agaisnt my estate) I therefore think he hath had his full proportion of my estate however it is my will his son should have two dollars
5th my daughter peggy being disceased hath left no heirs of her own body to demand any right in the estate
6th my Daughter Mary hath lived with me from her infancy and hath been my house keeper more than thirty years and as a compensation for her services it is my will she should have all my land east of the road or highway which goes by my house together with the buildings standing thereon and all my property they contain also all the furniture? utensels also twenty acres of land on the west side of the aforesd highway bounding East on the sd highway North and west on land belonging to the estate of the late Frenance Webbster? and my own & to extend far enough to the south to take twenty acres also six acres of Woodland where she shall chuse to have it set of to her with the advice & consent of my executors here after named also all the stock of Horse kine neet cattle sheep & swine I may die possessed of provided the land above mentioned should pay the Debts and expences of setling the estate
Lastly I do make constitute and appoint William Walker Esq of Ashford in the County of Windham State of Connecticut and Ezra Horton of Union in the County of Tolland State of Connecticut to be my sole executors to this my last will and testament in witness whereof I the said Ezra Reeve do here unto set my hand and seal this 5th Day of December AD 1817
Signed Sealed proclaimed and declared by the sd Ezra Reeves to be his last will and testament
in presence ofEzra Reeve
Gaishorn Roswook
Hannah Frizel
Elizabeth Brown


Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991 (Ancestry)