1818 DOT - Nathaniel Reives to C. M. Moorman

1818 DOT - Nathaniel Reives to Moorman

1818 DOT - C. M. Moorman from Nathaniel Reives

Rockingham County, North Carolina
Deed Book S, Pg 413-414
30 Apr 1818


No. 2801, Moreman C. Micajah from Reives Nathl, Deed of Trust

This Indenture made this thirtieth day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen between Nathaniel Reives of Rockingham County State of N. Carolina of the one part and James Barnett of said county of the second part and Micajah C. Moreman of the county aforesaid of the the (sic) third part Witnesseth that the said N. Reives for and in consideration of the Sum of one Dollar to him in hand paid by the said James Barnett at or before the Signing of the presents (the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained and Sold and by these presents do Sell grant alien enfeoff and confirm unto the sd James Barnett a certain Tract or parcel of Land situate in Rockingham County on the South Side of the main road leading from the Island ford to the Meadow Tract being the whole of the Tract of land lately bought of said Moorman by the said Reives and which has lately been conveyed by Deed from said Moorman to sd. Reives containing two hundred and fifty acres (more or less) all of which will more fully appear by reference to said Deed. To have and to hold the above bargained and Sold Tract of land with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertain to the same premises, to the said James Barnett his heirs and assigns for ever upon Trust nevertheless, that whereas the said Nathaniel Reives is fully Indebted to the said M. C. Moorman (in two Bonds which this Trust is intended to secure) the one payable the first day of January Eighteen hundred and twenty one the other payable and due the first day of January eighteen hundred and twenty two, each forth Sum of two thousand three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents – money in the wh- the Sum of four thousand Six hundred etc and Sixty Six Dollars Sixty eight cents, now if the said Reives shall make default of payment of the two aforesaid bonds when either of them Shall fall due, that then it shall be lawful for the said James Barnett and he hereby binds himself his heirs Executors or Admins to Sell the aforesaid Tract of lands to the highest bidder for ready money (North Carolina currency) first having Advertised the time and place of Sale at least thirty days at the Court House of the aforesaid county or so much as shall be sufficient to pay off the amt of the two Bonds aforesaid or either or any part of them, as the case may be and out of the money arising from the sale of said land to pay unto the said M. C. Moorman his heirs or assigns the Sum or Sums which may remain due and unpaid with the Interest accruing thereon and the balance of any, after deducting the cost and charges of the said sale pay unto the said Reives his heirs exers. &c. in witness whereof they have hereunto set their hands and seals this day and date above Written.
Test                                                                                               Nathl Reives (Seal)
Geo. D. Winston                                                                         James Barnett (Seal)
W. J. Menzies                                                                             M. C. Moorman (Seal)
State of North Carolina              §
Rockingham County                   §    August Sessions 1819
                    The Execution of the within Deed of Trust from Nathl Reives to Micajah C. Moorman was duly acknowledged in open court by said Nathl and on motion ordered to be recorded.
.                    .                     .                     Royal Cawsey C.C.


Rockingham County NC Deed Book S, pgs. 413-414, online scanned copies of originals at Family Search

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