1820 State vs. Joshua Reeves

Joshua Reeves, Walton County Grand Jury, October 1820

October Term 1820

The State & Lemuel Winn
Informer                         Sci fa (Scire facias)
vs.                                    Dismissed
Joshua Reeves
Tenant in possession

Note: When a fraudulent draw was suspected during one of Georgia’s land lotteries an informer could raise the issue in superior court. If correct, the informer received one-half of the lot in question with the other half going to “the several county academies of this State”. The “tenant in possession” was not necessarily the person perpetuating the fraud, and may have been an innocent buyer from the original drawer.

Source: Walton County Superior Court Minutes, 1819-1834, Minutes of 1819-1822, p. 86, Microfilm, Georgia Archives
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