Wayne Co., NC - 1821 Estate of Kinchen Britt, John Reaves on Committee

1821 Widow's Distribution of Kinchen Britt Estate - John Reaves

Kinchen Britt Estate - John Reaves on Committee

Wayne County, North Carolina
Record Book
Vol. 4
1816 - 1822
Contains Wills, Inventories & Settlements of Estates

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State of North Carolina
Wayne County

In Obedience to the annexed writ I William Raiford Sheriff of the County aforesaid on the 8th day of May 1821 attended by Barna. McKinnie Robert McKinnie James Bradbury Michael McKinne Solomon Grantham John Reaves Furnifold Manly Joseph Strickland Jesse Martin Nathaniel Thornton Young Wood Lazarus Smith freeholders unconnected with Elizabeth Britt widow of Kinchen Britt dec'd by Consanguinety or affinity and entirely disinterested by me duly summoned came in proper person to a certain Plantation whereof said Kinchen Britt decd died Seized possessed lying on falling Creek in the County aforesaid being duly sworn and required to allot & set off to the said Elizabeth Britt one third of the Plantation aforesaid did allot and set off to her the said Elizabeth Britt the part or Portion of the aforesaid plantation included and comprised within the following limits and bounds . . . . In witness whereof the said Freeholders have hereunto set their respective hands and seals at Wayne County aforesaid the day and year aforesaid.

B McKinnie
Rob't McKinnie
James Bradbury
M. McKinne
Solomon Grantham
John Reaves
Joseph (his mark) Strickland
Jesse Martin
N. Thornton
Young Wood
Lazarus Smith
Britton Hood Surv.

Wm. Raiford Shff
May Co. 1821