Walton Co., GA - 1821 POA Polly Reeves to Wm. M. Beall

1821 Power of Attorney - Polly Reeves

1821 POA - Polly Reeves to Wm. B. Beall

Walton County

Know all men by this presents that I Polly Reeves do make and by this presents do Constitute and ordain Wm. M. Beall my True and Lawful attorney to bargain Sell and Convey in fee Simple all and every Tract or parcel of Land that I have drawn or may draw in the next or now drawing Land Lottery in the State of Georgia and the same to be in the above named State of Georgia and the Said Wm. M. Bell is these presents fully and Solely and the only True and Lawful attorney by me to bargain Sell and Convey the above named Tracts or parcels of Land above mentioned and he the said Wm. M. Bell is fully authorized by me to Convey the Same in fee Simple and the Same to be in as full force and as binding and as good and pure titles as were I to make to this to the above named land of Lands and the same to be Considered in Law and Lawful titles that the Said Wm. M Beall makes and described Land or Lands Acknowledged and Signed this 6th November 1821 in the presents of
Attest                                         Polly (X) Reeves
John Stokes                                         mark
James West
Tho. Clack
Jefur M. Butt

The above Proven before me this 6 November 1821 by Jefur M. Butt a subscribing Witness.
Ethan Melton J. P.

Recorded This 25 day of April 1822
V. T. Braswell

Note: Signature line appears to read “his” mark.


Walton County Deed Book C&D, 1822-1823, photographic copy courtesy of Kay Dawson

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