1824 - Hannah Reives to Elijah Reives

1824 Deed - Hannah Reives to Elijah Reives

1824 - Hannah Reives to Elijah Reives

Maury County, Tennessee
Deed Book M, p. 122
6 March 1824


This indenture made this sixth day of march one thousand eight hundred and twenty four between Hannah Reives, widow of Reubin Reives deceased and guardian of her three minor children John Joshua and Purify Reives of the one part and Elijah Rieves one of the heirs of the said Reubin Reives deed of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Hannah widow and guardian as aforesaid for and in consideration of the allotment of land hereinafter described, doth by these presents for herself, her heirs and assigns and for her three children for whom she is guardian as above named for ever quit claim unto the said Elijah Rieves in and to all that part of one hundred and forty acres of land on the south side of Duck river on which the said Reuben Rieves lived at the time of his death that lies east and northeast of the following line viz Beginning at a stake and white oak Elm and Dogwood pointers in the south boundary of the tract one hundred poles east of the north east Red oak corner of the tract and running north eighty seven poles to a large White oak thence north 50 and one quarter degrees west to a stake (formerly Sugar tree, north west corner of the tract) And the said Hannah doth by these presents covenant and agree to and with the said Elijah that the before described part of the one hundred and forty acre tract that lies east and northeast of the aforesaid line she will warrant and forever defend against the claim of her and her three children and all persons and manner of persons claiming under her or either of them to him the said Elijah, his heirs and assigns for ever. And the said Elijah for and in consideration of one hundred dollars in hand paid, the receipt whereof is herebye acknowledged. Doth herebye convey unto the said Hannah in fee six ninth parts of her right of dower, that is his own part, that of Susanna Forsyth, purchased since the death of their father and also in consideration of the relinquishment herein made to him of the undivided one hundred and forty acres he doth relinquish and quit claim unto the said Hannah and her three children all that part of aforesaid one hundred and forty acres of land that lies west and north west of the aforesaid division line containing eighty acres and 150/160th of an acre. Forty six acres and 105/160 of an acre which will bring her right of dowery two thirds on six months of which is herebye conveyed and released to her in fee to her and her heirs forever. The residue of said eighty acres and 150/160 of an acre to her three children as joint tenancy to them and theirs forever. And the said Elijah Reeves by these presents against the claim of himself and his brothers and sister before mentioned or either of their executors or administrators unto the said Hannah and her three children respectively as aforesaid doth warrant and forever defend Witness the two contracting parties hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date above written.
Signed and acknowledged }Hannah (her mark) Rieves (L)
in the presence if viz           }widow and guardian
Alyd Johnson                       }Elijah (his mark) Rieves (L)
Robert Wallis                       }
Wilie S Embry                     }
State of Tennessee Maury County January Term 1826
I Joseph B Porter clerk of the court of pleas and quarter sessions do certify that the above quit claim deed from Hannah Reives and guardian of her three minor heirs John C, Joshua, and Purify Reives to Elijah Reives proceeded in the open court, the executors this day duly proven by the oaths of Robert Wallis And Wiley S Embry subscribing thereto and ordered to be certified for registrationJoseph B Porter Clk


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